Colonial Stock Video Footage

Growing Bacterial Colonies In Petri Dish, Time Lapse Christ the King monument, aerial shot, Cali Colombia. Emperor Penguin with chicks in Antarctica Aerial drone flight over penguins, seals. Antarctica wildlife. Overview shot of snow, ice covered land. Polar ocean water, mountains. Antarctic winter landscape. Ice cold. 4k footage. Rocket launch from human colony on Mars – 3D render Aerial Footage of Bogota Church in Colombia
American colonial style house departure; dolly shot Spinning declaration of independence Aerial shot, flying over Cartagena near a domed church background sunset Bees produce wax and build honeycombs from it. Halloween Swarm of Bats Flying towards Camera A swarm of bats appears and flies towards the camera. Add this video on top of any video to give it a realistic creepy look and feel!,Alpha channel Aerial shot Cartagena, flying over colonial roof Cinematic Leaf cutter or fire ant colony Insects march along a branch in the jungle of Costa Rica. Shot in 5K. Bees Flying on a Green Screen in Loop
Human Microbiome and Bacteria inside intestines. Microbes inside human gut. VIRGINIA - OCTOBER 2016 - American Revolutionary War July 4th recreation. Founding Father. Tabletop, dipping quill in ink and writing by window. Declaration of Independence signing back-lit in profile VIRGINIA - OCTOBER 2016 - American Revolution era Continental Patriot Soldier. Re-enactors, reenactment.  Firing Brown Bess musket gun with black powder and lead bullets in earthen fort in battle. The colony of Imperial penguins stands in the snow near the Iceberg. Shooting from the air. Sunny day. Antarctic. Hyperlapse of National Palace of Mexico in shiny day, the flag flutters. Is one of the most important historic buildings in Mexico and an attractive tourist. Flock of pink flamingos flying on water surface tracking shot slow motion Tourist walking old colonial district (Pelourinho) of Salvador, Brazil
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