Company Congratulating Stock Video Footage

Couple sign mortgage contract, put signature on sale purchase rental agreement, handshaking realtor at meeting with estate agent, satisfied customers buy property, get keys of new home, close up view Company boss handshaking promoting african manager while colleagues applaud, businessman congratulates black woman with career achievement, shake hands rewarding for good work, employee of the month Multi-ethnic team cheering female coworker looking at laptop celebrating success in coworking, applauding colleagues congratulating excited businesswoman with achievement or business win in office Diverse Group of Business People Celebrate Closing of the Deal and Dance. Funny and Friendly Theme. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Happy satisfied diverse businessmen making commitment handshaking after successful negotiations, african black entrepreneur shaking hand of new caucasian white partner closing good business deal Black Businessman Got Big Promotion, Walking Path of Success, His Colleagues Cheer and Applaud. Stylish Diverse Office Filled with Happy People. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Boss promoting rewarding african american male worker, appreciating for good job, businessmen wearing suit congratulating shaking hands with applauding staff standing in office, employee recognition Young female hr manager handshaking welcoming hired employee got new job, employer shaking hands congratulating employed candidate after successful interview, make deal with client, conclude contract African american and caucasian young businessmen negotiating sitting at office desk with laptop, two satisfied partners close successful business deal with investor, handshake after making agreement Company employees are applauding pretty young woman after successful presentation congratulating her on good work while she is laughing, dancing and doing high-five. Successful Businessman Got Promotion and Makes Celebratory Dance, Other Business People Ignore Him. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Satisfied caucasian boss hr negotiator talking shake hand of african american candidate partner client making deal, hiring or thanking for collaboration at diverse group business meeting negotiations Diverse business people clapping in Creative team meeting celebrating success in casual modern office boardroom with natural light and large open windows Happy motivated successful team put join hands up together, five partners giving high-five sitting at conference table in office, expressing unity in business, promising help and support in teamwork Friendly male employer handshaking welcoming new employee after successful job interview, smiling businessman making agreement with client, shaking hands congratulating hired employed candidate Businesswoman handshaking new male partner make deal finish group negotiation, satisfied executives conclude contract agreement shake hand thanking for successful teamwork, hr hiring at job interview Boss encouraging the awarding of a young male worker, highly appreciating for the good work, congratulating the handshake with the applause of the staff, employee of the month Two colleagues shake hand after negotiations closeup. Male and female success person signed a agreement between companies and congratulation deals slow motion indoors. At table laptop and documents Business people shake hands at the end of meeting Slow motion of excited African American man blowing candles on birthday cake and laughing while his team is congratulating him and clapping hands in office. Diverse business people clapping in Creative team meeting celebrating success in casual modern office boardroom with natural light and large open windows
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