Coney Island Aerial Stock Video Footage

NEW YORK, JULY 2017: Aerial drone pov Coney Island footage 4k prores Coney Island, New York CIRCA - September 2018. Aerial view of roller coasters and ferris wheel at amusement park  New York City, bright day lighting. Close to Wide shot on 4k RED camera. Flying backward alongside Wonder Wheel in Coney Island Circling Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island Low drone aerial video Brighton Beach Coney Island New York 4k 60p Slow motion aerial video Coney Island pier Coney Island beach boardwalk 4k directly above aerial Coney Island Beach USA November 16 2017 Flying around Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island Day Aerial forward over ND city train tracks over amusement park Coney Island, New York tilt up urban coastline Day Aerial left right over ND amusement park fair carnival Coney Island, New York Aerial view of Coney Island, New York City Aerial view of Coney Island beach, New York City BROOKLYN, NY, USA - JULY 1, 2017: Aerial drone footage of Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Aerial video of Brooklyn New York at Coney Island Brighton Beach Neighborhood Boardwalk flyover Towards the Ocean over the Beach During sunrise 4k Sheepshead Bay NYC Brooklyn USA November 16 2017 Aerial drone footage of New York City's Coney Island against storm clouds in the sky. Shot in Brooklyn during the Autumn of 2016 in 4k. Aerial drone footage video from Coney Island Creek with abandoned wooden ships. Brooklyn. New York Flying further to the right around Wonder Wheel in Coney Island Flying right around Wonder Wheel in Coney Island Daytime descending and tilting up shot of Parachute Jump Tower in Coney Island with amusement park in background
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