Couch Potato Stock Video Footage

Man eating crisps with appetite, psychological problem, unhealthy food addiction Mother and daughters hugging and smiling on sofa in the living room. Medium Shot Obese man wearing underwear sitting on sofa next to geek reading book Orem Front close-up view of a teen eating chips on the couch from a bowl frist showing his hands and going up to the face Young boy is sitting on sofa eats popcorn watching television throws popcorn in screen feels dissatisfaction at home portrait film movie football match Slow Motion Shot. Shot on RED EPIC camera A fat teenager with fat folds on his body is eating potato chips with his hands. Unhealthy food, fast food. Children's nutrition problem Man at home eating flavored potatoes chips, TV watching, junk food, sits on couch, lazy man Male take remote TV control off the table near TV 4k Footage A bearded guy in glasses watching a humorous program on TV Bored teenager choosing tv channel eating popcorn and wasting time, couch potato A lazy and funny man zapping and eating popcorn in front of TV and cheering. Great concept for creative usage. Lazy fat man watching Tv and drink beer with potato chips on couch Man eating an attractive hamburger with chips and ketchup Adolescent boy with acne pimples on the face lying on couch watching tv and eating oily and fryed snacks Young beautiful woman brunette drinking a beer and eating chips laying on the floor near the couch and watching TV. Couple of young man and woman eating chips drinking beer and watching TV, switching channel. Talking and smiling Handsome young man bachelor eating chips and drinking beer and browsing his mobile phone. Man eating snack while watch movie at home Picture of greedy person feels hungry and eat snack while leaning on the couch using smart phone Man playing video games on your computer. late at night on the computer gamer 4K Overweight couch potato couple laughing hard at funny internet content on computer. Slow motion.
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