Cow Stock Video Footage

Close view of a herd of cows grazing in the dappled morning sunlight in a field in Cows in Usk Valley, South Wales, UK Dairy cows in field walk towards the camera Curious young cute crazy black white Holstein cow on concrete path smelling and licking camera on green grass field sunny crisp blue sky background dairy cattle moving head fast up and down summer 4k Cow Cows grazing on a green meadow Classic milk cow in a pasture Cow herding from air with drone flying behind group of black white Holstein milk producing cows on green flat field and grey cloudy sky bird view UAV drone herding from above following running cattle Modern farm barn with milking cows eating hay/Cows feeding on dairy farm/Cows in cowshed/Calf feeding on farm/Livestock on farm/Tractor in farm barn/Agriculture industry/Milk farm Close-up of a brown cow calf's face in a field; Grazing cow in the background Green field and cloudy sky Herd of cows on pasture Clip of Holstein Friesians often shortened as Friesians, dairy cattle cows used to produce milk and other dairy products on a lush green farm during a spectacular sunset Australia - cows in sunset Dairy cows in the stable Cow eats grass Flying over green field with grazing cows Super slow motion macro of a middle aged chef cutting cheese with knife on wooden board on restaurant kitchen table (extra close up) Cows grazing on pasture Cows on farm Dairy cows in the stable Endangered Florida Manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) playing in Three Sister's Springs (Crystal River, Florida, USA). Warm spring provides refuge from hypothermia in winter months.
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