Crosswalk Stock Video Footage

Elevated High Angle / Top Down Shot of the People Walking on Pedestrian Crossing of the Road. Big City with Crowd of People on the Crosswalk in the Evening. Busy crosswalk intersection. Crowds of both tourists and other city people cross diagonally through a bustling part of town. Shot in Hollywood, Los Angeles Crowded avenue. New York City. US. People walking in busy street of Manhattan. Traffic passing by. Tokyo, Japan - Jan 10, 2019: 4K UHD time-lapse of Shibuya crossing, crowded people and car traffic transport across intersection. Tokyo tourist attraction, Japan tourism, or Asian city life concept High Angle Time Lapse Shot of the Famous Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble Crosswalk with Crowds of People Crossing and Traffic. Evening in the Big City. People pedestrians walk/cross big city intersection slow motion 100p.Gimbal stabilized tracking shot of an anonymous crowd mostly of young age getting across a busy city street.No logos/faces visible. Night time illumination shenzhen downtown traffic street crossroad top view 4k timelapse china Young beautiful woman crossing the road in traffic downtown of New York, America. Female walking through the crosswalk. People walking on the crosswalk (Slow Motion Video) Shibuya in Summer
It's a slow motion video that people took on crosswalk in Shibuya Tokyo.
On the day of summer cloudy. City pedestrians on summer night,cross street.100fps gimbal stabilized tracking shot of an anonymous crowd of pedestrians  walking,crossing a busy city street.No logos, faces visible.Commercial shot. SHIBUYA,  TOKYO,  JAPAN - CIRCA MARCH 2019 : Aerial view around SHIBUYA scramble crossing.  Busy crowded area in Tokyo.  Wide view slow motion shot. SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - APRIL 1, 2017: Man in dino mascot jumping and dancing at city street crosswalk with lots of cars. Sunny day. Slow motion High Angle Shot of the Famous Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble Crosswalk with Crowds of People Crossing and Cars Driving. Evening in the Big City. Thousands of people walk across the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo Japan Anonymous Crowd Crossing Street Pedestrian Crosswalk. Aerial view of a pedestrian crossing in a busy street with many people. June 2, 2019: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan - Aerial view of pedestrians walk at Shibuya Crossing. The scramble crosswalk is one of the largest in the world. People crossing crosswalk in city. new york city night lights background A woman crossing on crosswalk during evening day - Aerial Shot - Birdeyes angle Pedestrians on cold winter night, cross busy city street, slow motion 100p.tracking shot of an anonymous crowd of pedestrians crossing a busy city street.No logos or faces visible.Commercial shot. Tokyo business walking Time lapse traffic at night in Seoul, South Korea.4K
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