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Crying screaming man. Depressed lost man screaming. Drama concept. Desert island. Handsome man crying hugging love of his life Couple quarrelling sitting on couch at home, focus on desperate girlfriend crying while boyfriend screams accusing her. Break up, unwanted pregnancy man insists on abortion, jealousy, conflict concept Portrait shot of sad desperate man crying during his work and usining napkins to removing tears in the office. Shot of Crying man with tears in eye closeup A small cute stray dog gets affection from a stranger, homeless pet with kind grateful eyes looks into the camera, makes the video cry and sympathize, social video about helping animals Young man sitting on a sofa, watching drama on the TV at home in the living room and start cry. Angry Man Using Smartphone. Man is angry with the message that he read in the smartphone. Angry man uses smartphone. Angry man breaking up with his girlfriend on a couch in the night at home Father and son crying in disappointment after defeat at sports match Sad man almost crying hugging and holding woman he loves closeup Woman hugging boyfriend feeling sad in love Angry couple fighting and shouting at each other, crying girlfriend, angry girlfriend with her boyfriend. Fight, argue and cry. Cinematic Premium Video. Young handsome man crying with happiness. RAW video record. Portrait shot of young handsome man sitting on the gray couch and crying with a remote control in hands and napkin. At home. Inside Selective focus of upset bearded man crying while driving car Close up portrait of depressed young beautiful man cries.Depression, malaise, sadness Army of Vikings Before Battle. Medieval Reenactment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Silhouette of depressed sad man sitting by the lake in cold autumn sunset. Gloomy adult male person crying in despair. Loneliness and solitude concept. Advancing Army of Viking Warriors. Medieval Reenactment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Look over groom's shoulder at happy crying bride. First meeting.The bride sees the groom for the first time on their wedding day. The bride looks at the groom and cries.
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