Cultivated Stock Video Footage

Growing plants in spring timelapse, sprouts germination newborn cress salad plant in greenhouse agriculture Farmer hands planting to soil tomato seedling in the vegetable garden. On the background a watering can for irrigation. Organic farming and spring gardening concept Growing plants in timelapse, sprouts germination newborn cress salad plant in greenhouse agriculture Growing plants in Spring Timelapse, Sprouts Germination newborn Pea plant in greenhouse agriculture Growing Plants Timelapse Pea Sprouts Germination Steadicam shot of young farmer going on the field with a full wooden box of corn at sunset. Real working process of picking harvest on the organic eco farm, slow motion. Germinating Seed Growing in Ground Agriculture Spring Summer Timelapse 4K aerial view directly above a farmer monitoring his corn crop with a tablet Young farmer walking in a soybean field and examining crop. Aerial view of farming tractor spraying on field with sprayer, herbicides and pesticides at sunset. Farm machinery spraying insecticide to the green field, agricultural natural seasonal spring works. A farmer walks across a field in rubber boots on a blurred background of the tractor in motion. Concept of: Rubber boots, Lifestyle, Farmer, Slow Motion, Fields. Aerial drone shot of a farmer spraying soybean fields Rye Field (Cereal) Growing Crop Time Lapse. Fresh Green Rye Plant Grow Timelapse. Nature spring season. Gardening food, agriculture grain, cover crop, forage crop. Ecology, climate change Placing pot in terrace garden with sun in background Young girl watering vegetables on terrace Blue Lily flower blooming, opening its blossom. Epic time lapse. Wonderful nature. Futuristic world Drone sliding shot of a farmer in tractor seeding, sowing agricultural crops at field Robotic arms looking after fresh, young, green plants in a vast, modern, foggy greenhouse. Soft, cold spotlights illuminate the leaves revealing their natural, vibrant, healthy color.
Farmer uses a tablet computer on a soy field Green leaves of soy bean in hand. Slow motion Male farmer holding young tree plant in hands, drought landscape on the background. Climate changes, lack of fresh drinking water, deforestation concept. Ecology and environment.
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