Cultivated Dirt Stock Video Footage

Farmer hand holding leaf of cultivated plant. Hands holding pile of arable soil. Agriculture, gardening or ecology concept. Close up of male hands touching dry ground in an agricultural field, Soil, cultivated dirt, earth, ground, Organic gardening, agriculture. Nature close up. Environmental texture, pattern. Mud on field Growing Plants Timelapse Pea Sprouts Germination A farmer walks across a field in rubber boots on a blurred background of the tractor in motion. Concept of: Rubber boots, Lifestyle, Farmer, Slow Motion, Fields. Farmer hands planting for planting seeds in the garden. Close-up of a girl's hands putting seeds in the ground. The concept of organic farming and spring gardening Drone sliding shot of a farmer in tractor seeding, sowing agricultural crops at field Male farmer holding young tree plant in hands, drought landscape on the background. Climate change, lack of fresh drinking water, deforestation. Ecology concept, environment. Asian child girl with mud dirty hands holding young seedlings in recycled fiber pots in the garden.Concept of child love in environmental conservation.Slow motion shot. Agriculture. Farmer in a green field, holding fertile soil in his hands. Farmer checks the fertile soil. Agriculture concept. Farmer and young green plants. Fertile black soil. Farmer in the field Corn seed in farmer hands, agriculture. farmer holding maize harvest, green background. cereal plant grown for its grain, maize field, corn harvest, Agriculture corn farm harvest. Golden corn growing Side view: Farmer holding ground in hands close-up. Male hands touching soil on the field. Farmer is checking soil quality before sowing. Plants growing time lapse Soil, Agriculture, - Farmer hands holding and pouring back organic soil. Growing green cucumber plant time lapse. Timelapse seed growing, Closeup nature agriculture shoot.  Vegetable sprouting from the ground. The farmer is holding a biological product of potatoes, hands and potatoes stained with earth. Concept biology, bio products, bio ecology, grow vegetables, vegetarians, natural clean, fresh product. Close up of beautiful girl's hand watering a plant. Concept protecting the earth and environmental conservation. Slow motion shot Aerial view tractor cuts furrows in farm field for sowing farm tractor with rotary harrow plow preparing land for sowing. Tractor with harrows prepares the agricultural land for planting crop Close up of farm specialist worker pulling out freshly picked carrots and showing at camera. Summer vegetable growth. Production of natural food. Agribusiness. Aerial view of wheat harvest. Drone shot flying over three combine harvesters working on wheat field Time lapse. Cilantro seeds germinate in the ground. Microgreen, growing seedlings at home. Farm products, healthy nutrition. Organic food. Farmer walking on the field in rubber boots. Dust rises, slow motion. Close-up video
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