Dachshund Stock Video Footage

Cute fat dog of dachshund, black and tan, lies sunbathing at the beach sea on summer vacation holidays, wearing red sunglasses with coconut cocktail Dog dachshund, black and tan, relaxed from spa procedures on face with cucumber, covered with a towel Cute dog of dachshund, black and tan, wearing red sunglasses,with a cocktail, having relax and enjoying buried in the sand at the beach ocean on summer vacation holidays Cute dachshund dog in a white T-shirt with print bringing a blue leash from the room, hinting to the owners that he wanting to go for a walk, barking and wagging his tail. Happy Dachshund dog is sitting in the middle of room in a dog friendly hotel or at home, wagging its tail cheerfully and vigorously and barking, running away. He is wanting the owner to play with him. Naughty dachshund puppy was left at home alone and started making a mess, chews toilet paper and looks at the owner with fear. Baby dog is sitting in the middle of chaos Portrait cute dachshund dog, black and tan, in a funny red wig, hairpins, and a pink dress, lies on a sofa at home among female cosmetics and curlers, licks its lips Professional massage therapist strokes his head with fingers dog dachshund, black and tan, relaxed from spa procedures, covered with a towel Dachshund dog portrait, black and tan, carefully looking at the camera, barking, isolated on yellow background Close up portrait of adorable black and tan dachshund resting his head between the cushions of white sofa and finally barking. Cute look right to the camera and from side to side, clever dog eyes. Top view on dachshund dog is lazily lying in bed at home or dog friendly hotel all weekend. Butt, tail and hind legs are sticking out from under blanket, close-up. He is putting paws under coverlet on Dachshund is lying on bed, head sticking out from under covers, looking up. Dog crawls under blanket to hide from monster or owner who is going to do unpleasant procedure. Dachshund dog in black cloak and pointed witch hat with veil barks, performs magic ritual with burning candles, sinister goblet of poison and pumpkin jack lantern during dark Halloween night. A close up portrait of a dachshund dog, black and tan, holding a blue collar in its mouth, barking,  hinting at the owner that he wanting to go for a walk HD - Dog bark with a soccer ball Funny black and tan dachshund mugs and grimaces to the camera, with comic effect. Trying to sneeze, or getting some strong smell. Close up video. Slow motion  of a Dachshund dog joyfully running along the beach, wearing a blue harness collar. smiles and enjoys training at sea Funny black dachshund wearing golden blond wig and blue and pink hair curlers, watches in mirror. Indoors, back view to reflection. Cute dachshund dog, black and tan, eating kitchen waste and climbed into the garbage can at home. naughty puppy. Slow Motion of a Happy Cute Dog Running towards the camera The obedient dachshund looks with sad eyes at the owner, begging for food, next to the dining table. beggar dog.
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