Daydreaming Stock Video Footage

Old businessman leaned back in his office chair, he smile and daydreaming Sad young woman opens eyes; sad and melancholy look, closeup portrait A beautiful young woman in a library while listening to music with headphones and daydreams dancing to the music. Concept: educational, portrait, library, dancer and music 4K Attractive woman in thought looking out of a train window in slow motion, shot on RED EPIC Calm young woman having healthy daytime nap dozing relaxing on couch with eyes closed hands behind head, peaceful girl sleeping breathing fresh air resting leaning on comfortable sofa at home Sleeping guy falling from couch Sad pensive girl riding bus and looking out window at sunset Happy carefree middle aged Caucasian businessman playing air guitar on a hill messing about daydreaming being a rock musician Front close view on brunette young smiling woman travelling by train with clever calm beautiful dog basenji, girl and her pet look through window together Young attractive brunette in pajamas dancing on bed in her bedroom One person standing outcropped in crowd of people. one in a million background Passenger view of wires from a moving train. Daydreaming feel of passing time Close up of green eyes of unrecognizable woman looking up as soft light rippling on her face Senior lady sleepy and tired from boring job, needs life changes, lack of energy Young attractive woman is sitting by the window. it is raining outside the window. large drops glide across the glass. outside the window the night and the lights of the city and passing cars. a close 4K Portrait of bored little girl in school classroom daydreaming at her desk. Slow motion Wrinkled Eyes of sad, depressed mature woman looking out the window Mature woman falling asleep at workplace, lack of vitamins and energy, tired Close-up of face little girl holding a glowing garland in front of her eyes Woman traveling by bus in twilight hours of the night. Girl looking out window in blue tone while on a bus Silhouette of woman sad sitting on the windowsill and looking out the window
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