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Dead skin cells peeling away from body, macro cross-section animation Camera shows the dead body covered with a white cloth in the morgue. Waiting for the funeral or dissection. Life is gone. Room is equipped with mortuary refrigerators, where human remains are cooled.
Dead epidermis cells slowly peeling away from the skin surface, macro cross-section animation, camera forwardement. Detective looking at maniac victim body, forensic experts examining crime scene Soul Leaving Human Body Spirit Ghost Levitating Out of a Human Corpse Astral Projection Remote Viewing Out of Body Experience Full HD 1920 X 1080 Version 2 Poultry processing industry. Raw chicken meat production line. Poultry processing plant. Conveyor belt for food factory. Automatic machine in broiler meat process. Modern equipment in slaughterhouse. The oldest and largest cemetery in Rio de Janeiro in operation in the port region, the cemetery of Caju receives daily victims of COVID_19 during this Pandemic 2020_05_20 Skeleton dancing. Seamless loop animation on green screen. Female patient sleeping in a hospital bed at night, her soul leaves her body and goes away, near death experience concept 4K Crime Morgue. Dead Body Closed in Black Bag Dead skin cells peeling away from dry skin, backwards macro animation Near death experience, tunnel of light wormhole, dying and going to heaven through a tunnel or time travel Woman with umbrella under rain 4K Morgue Dead Body, Mortician Place Blank Tag on Foot Dead skin cells peeling away, 3d animation. Light skin peeling set. Cancer cell growth animation. Tumor growing over tissue The pathologist opens a plastic bag with a dead body inside the hospital morgue. A corpse in a black plastic bag. First-person view, conceptual footage 
Deaths from Covid-19 are increasing rapidly. Doctors and nurses have come to check the autopsy of the infected person. Skeleton White Disco dancing. Alpha channel appended. 3D cell layer repair Effect
Close-up shot of a lifeless arm laying motionless on the sidewalk at night while an emergency vehicle siren flashes intermittent red light on it.
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