Dead Sea Stock Video Footage

The worlds most polluted beach, Plastic marine debris. VARNA, BULGARIA - JULY 07, 2019 : A Seagull on the dirty polluted sea. Rubbish and bottles over the sea shows the sea pollution Dead young dolphin on the sea shore. Earth wildlife, environmental pollution, ecological catastrophe. Dead animal. Dead Turtle on plastic bag Killer Whale Dead by Ocean Pollution Golder sand close up Sahara desert. Sunset. Sand dunes and blue sky. Beautiful desert landscape. Sahara desert. Sand dunes Arabian desert. Sand dunes wave pattern. Nature background, morocco USA 2010s: A sea lion is caught in a fishing net marine debris on a beach. Plastic pollution, Crab travels inside a plastic cup slowly floating under the surface of blue water in sunray. Live crab trapped in plastic cup. Plastic garbage environmental pollution problem. The worlds most polluted beach, Plastic marine debris. Dead dry fish on seashell beach in Black sea. Sea pollution toxic plastic garbage, plastic packing everywhere. Human industrial activity as plastic bag making machine. Earth protection concept Huge powerful waves breaking at seawall in major severe storm in hurricane force winds Rain Drops on dry soil slow motion Dead northern gannet trapped in plastic fishing net washed ashore on Kijkduin beach The Hague, the Netherlands AERIAL, incredible view on the dead sea of an aqua color with beautiful red mountains in the background and a beautiful blue sky Slow motion shot of a man's handing through sand in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan. UNDERWATER, POV: Tropical fish swim around the dead corals destroyed by global warming. Sad first person view of diving along a bleached exotic coral reef. Climate change is damaging marine life. Torch Lights Up Skull Underwater High quality animation of Blue Jellyfishes swimming in Deep Dark Ocean. This video can be used as background or as stand-alone video. The video is a seamless loop. Full 4K Ultra HD resolution video. Huge powerful waves breaking at seawall in major severe storm.
UNDERWATER: Horrible global warming bleaching the once colorful coral reefs on the bottom of warm tropical sea. Sad underwater shot of decaying ecosystem and changing ocean floor in turquoise ocean. Fresh Seafood, Different Sea Fish in Ice Sold on Showcase on the Street Market. Seafood Bazaar in night Market of Egypt. Sale of exotic fish for tourists on the street.
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