Deadline Stock Video Footage

Corporate business people using sticky notes brainstorming problem solving strategy on glass whiteboard team leader woman showing solution for project deadline in office meeting Business people working late in office using computers brainstorming browsing online research planning deadline for corporate project Tired businessman working late at night, he is overwhelmed by work and his desk is filled with paperwork, work overtime and deadlines concept Young concentrated woman, sitting in her room or office with french windows in the dark at the lamp.Studies late at night.Staying up late. Woman feeling headache and pain in the neck.   Close-up on a retro calendar changing dates from 1 to 31. Filmed with studio light on a gray background. Busy activity in diverse business office with business people working multi tasking in workplace discussing growth ideas and networking with technology 02900 Top shot showing year calendar with fast flipping pages Loading Hourglass Cursor Loop Animation with Alpha Channel Young male business man is waiting for a meeting. Hand with a clock close up. Waits. Looks at the clock, time. Creative business team meeting in modern glass office multi ethnic group of people working over computer screen on combined teamwork project Business, overwork, deadline, vision and people concept - tired businesswoman in glasses working with laptop computer at office and rubbing eyes Antique clock dial close-up. Vintage pocket watch. Angry furious female office worker throwing crumpled paper, having nervous breakdown at work, screaming in anger, stress management, mental distress problems, losing temper, reaction on failure Time lapse Close-up White clock hanging on the wall Start time 09.48 Clock walking 20 minutes. Various clocks looped as time flow concept animation
Timelapse of a blue clock on a white background. The clock starts ticking at 5 and ends at 12. Vintage ticking chronometer (stopwatch) with animated arrows. Arrows rotates from 0 to 30 seconds. Stressed unmotivated man confused by mistake in documents, looking through papers, frowning using laptop, failing urgent task, missing deadline, quits after bad work fed up with difficult job Green clock with white numbers and arrows on pink background, Time Lapse The beginning of time 12.45 run fast. Time passing 15 minutes Clock walking Timelapse moving fast. View from outside of modern glass building of businessman entering office, turning on light and start working on computer at night
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