Destruction Stock Video Footage

Aerial footage of bombing of Kyiv. House explosions in Ukraine. Real War. Desperate Poor Afraid Child Standing in The Middle of War Zone Deserted Demolished City Buildings Burning in the Background White Explosion Colorful of Particles Powder Background 3d Animation. Bright Snow Burst Paint in Slowmotion. Abstract Graphic Exploding. Visual Effect Blowup Ice. Wave Splash Dust Backdrop Close-up 4k Destruction of chess figures series. Slow motion exploding figures and pawns. Symbolic illustration of total war, disagreement, disaster and failure. Flight over a bombed out city. Camera moving along the ruined city. The concept of the end of the war. Ruined city in Ukraine. 3d animation Rescue work in a destroyed house. The war in Ukraine. Bucha, Borodyanka, Gostomel, Irpin. Hurricane Michael Rips Roof off House During Category 5 Storm Landslide, flood, cloudburst in india 2013 , killed six to seven thousand pilgrims . Three story building collapsed in Ganga river. Amazon rainforest trees on fire with smoke in illegal deforestation to open area for agriculture. Concept of deforestation, environmental damage, climate change and global warming. Para state, Brazil. Simple Energy Explosions Pack is a dynamic motion graphics pack consisting of colorful elemental blasts. 4K resolution and alpha channel Hurricane Michael Rips Roof off House Wildfire aerial view. Fire and smoke. Burning forest. Natural disaster from climate change. Dry grass and trees burns Bottom view of abandoned toy on ground in destroyed Ukrainian city. Child's teddy bear lying on background of burnt residential buildings during Russian - Ukrainian war. Invasion of territory Ukraine Palestinians inspect a house destroyed after an Israeli air strike in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, on October 22, 2023. Environment protection concept. Renewable energy. Sustainable development goals. War destroy city ukraine kyiv kiev rocket house destruction City Dump. The Bulldozer Moves Along the Landfill, Leveling the Garbage. Gulls Feeding on Food Waste Fly Over It. Aerial View Epic aerial view of smoking wild fire. Large smoke clouds and fire spread. Forest and tropical jungle deforestation. Amazon and siberian wildfires. Dry grass burning. Climate change, ecology, earth Aerial view Floods and flooded houses. Mass natural disasters and destruction. A big city is flooded after floods and rains. A huge natural disaster shot from the aerial top view—Flood swallows the town, countryside houses are destroyed by the heavy water and collapsed.  Bucha, Kyiv, Ukraine - 04.04.2022: 
Bombed city in Ukraine. Bucha after the bombing. Blown up tanks.
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