Detective Walking Stock Video Footage

Aerial Drone Shot: Autonomous Self Driving Cars Moving Through City. Concept: Artificial Intelligence Scans Cars and Pedestrians, Following Movement and Showing Data. 4k Man with coat walks at night street of dark noir cold city wide long shot Closeup shot of police tape at a crime scene, with cops guarding the perimeter of a home in the background as a detective enters and exits through the scene. Confident noir film spy with trench coat and fedora hat in the dark, he is stepping forward and crossing arms Woman silhouette walk on street of Pag city 4K. Static shot of person in focus in middle of frame walking towards lights in the end of street. Surrounded with black dark. HOTEL HALLWAY POV.  STEADICAM SHOT WALKING DOWN THE NON-DESCRIPT HALLWAY OF AN UPSCALE HOTEL. Tactile paving walking woman with blind cane Unknown male robbers entered the house and hit the CCTV recording. HEAVY FIELD OF CRIME SCENE MARKERS, IN 4K.  Long lens shot stacks up 20 crime scene markers as an investigator walks through them towards camera.  Shot in 4k, 10 bit. Medium close-up steadicam shot follows behind a female detective as she lifts up a police line and enters a crime scene. Other detectives and police can be seen out of focus in the background. Overhead shot of an alley at night with an active homicide crime scene being investigated by law enforcement. Police and detectives walk around the victim's body while a crime scene photographer takes Forensic Police officer walking into crime scene Retro noir film character: confident investigator standing in the dark and adjusting his fedora hat Walk through a police precinct at night Male Silhouette Crouched Sneaking Loop Walk. a silhouette man crouched slowly walking sneakily towards something in a loop
Screen of a infrared thermal camera device with walking people. Crowd control and spying. Detective stepping forward and lighting a cigarette in the dark, retro noir film character Silhouette of a man with a gun walking and aiming down the sights of his pistol. He could be a hit man for a gang or just security police looking for enemy combatants. Silhouette of a man with a gun walking and aiming down the sights of his pistol. He could be a hit man or just security police looking for enemy combatants. CIRCA 2010s - Marines on patrol in Afghanistan use mine sweeping trucks to detect IED's. Lone blind man detecting tactile tiles, walking to pedestrian crossing safe road
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