Detroit Summer Stock Video Footage

Tilt down aerial flyover of the streets downtown in Detroit. Cool Perspective. View of the Detroit skyline from Belle Isle on the Detroit river. Lake freighter passing by on a sunny summer day with blue sky. Aerial drone video of Michigan. Aerial view of Detroit skyline during sunset Aerial Detroit Revealing aerial pullback flying around buildings in Detroit's downtown. DETROIT, MI - CIRCA 2014: Driving plate: rear view. Moving away from the Renaissance Center and GM headquarters in down town at dusk.  Mid West USA, overcast, summer.  24mm lens, stabilized DETROIT, MICHIGAN - CIRCA 1940: Old antique cars zooming around during rush hour traffic in Detroit and using the new highway in 1940. Welcome to Detroit sign by road. Detroit is the Motor City home of automotive manufacturing and a port city in an international border. Ford Motor, GM, Chrysler automation automotive Downtown Detroit skyline Oregon circa-2018. Aerial view of Detroit Lake. Detroit viewed from a distance down a busy city street. Could be used for industry, traffic, Detroit Michigan, skyline, sky scrapper, uptown, downtown, or urban setting.  Transportation or commuter.  DETROIT, MI - CIRCA 2014: Driving plate: front view. On Congress Avenue in down town at night past high-rise commercial property and parking structures.  Mid West USA, overcast. 24mm lens, stabilized Detroit Waterfront Skyline Aerial Aerial flyover tilt up over buildings in downtown Detroit. Detroit skyline during sunset Aerial view of Detroit Aerial view of Detroit Woodward ave in Detroit Michigan aerial view Aerial view of Detroit skyline during sunset City traffic in downtown Detroit. Cars pass high rise buildings on warm summer day in the inner city. Urban environment, city scape Aerial view of Detroit
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