Disability Stock Video Footage

Elderly senior man stay at home on quarantine. Pensive looking away and feel upset. Sad grandfather widower alone. Thoughtful melancholy older retired gray haired grandpa. Sorrow grief loneliness conc The camera is slowly moving around the robot hand, showing how it is opening the fingers. The thumb is moving to the right. Disabled old senior grandmother holding walking cane stick in hands, sad elderly woman hopeless depressed about health problem injury worried of disease concept alone at home hospital, close up view A girl with Down syndrome blows bubbles. The daily life of a child with disabilities. Chromosomal genetic disorder in a child. Happy older senior adult man hold cane sit on sofa looking at camera. relaxed optimistic disabled retired elderly 80s grandfather dental smile posing with walking stick at nursing home, portrait A man in a wheelchair walks on the waterfront Family Values, Support, Elderly Care, Assistance, Seniors Concept. Grandmother In Bed. Nurse pushing man in wheelchair, living conditions for disabled people in city Young woman nurse caregiver talk help disabled handicapped old grandma patient sit on wheelchair at home, female doctor provide elderly lady medical service, senior people health care support concept Slow motion of happy granddaughter is giving an effective hug to her grandfather as a sign of love and respect in a green park on a sunny day. Back view of old Caucasian man sitting in wheelchair in front of big window closed with curtain and thinking. Lonely elderly man spending day alone at home. Oldness, retirement, disabled people. Handicapped person running on a track, back view. Young adult woman daughter holds elderly mother by the hand. Helping old people, supporting in difficulties, mutual assistance concept. Asian young blind person woman smiling using smart phone with voice assistive technology for disabilities persons in workplace with computer and braille display on table. Life with disabilities, boy with downs syndrome studying mathematics with her teacher sitting at desk in classroom at elementary school Bionic arm is making some movements. Artificial arm mechanism is being tested. 4K. Young person helps her grandmother to get up taking her hands. concept of elderly support and retirement help. help to people in need Senior man physiotherapy in wheelchair with help from medical worker. Disabled handicapped old person with social worker in recovery support therapy physiotherapy healthcare system nursing retirement In Robotics Technology Development Laboratory Diverse Team of Engineers Work on a Bionics Exoskeleton Prototype. Scientists Design Powered Armor Suit to Help Disabled People and Hard Labor Workers Nurse wearing face mask against coronavirus taking notes on clipboard while talking with disabled senior woman in wheelchair in hospital waiting area. Patients at reception. Young father taking care of his disabled child on a wheelchair
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