Distance Stock Video Footage

Aerial Follow Shot of White Semi Truck with Cargo Trailer Attached Moving Through Industrial Warehouse, Rural Area. Sun Shines and the Sky Are Blue. Shot on Phantom 4K UHD Camera. Macro Shot of a lens changing focal lens with beautiful flares reflecting / Lens Focal Change Macro / A camera lens changing focal distance with beautiful flares reflecting into the glass Macro Fitness App displaying workout data on tablet screen time-lapse. Digital tablet linked with fitness machine displaying distance, burning calories, time and heart rate. Retro looking archival footage of New York City subway train passing by with sun and city skyline in the distance Tracking with slow motion of professional female speed skaters wearing spandex full-body covering suits sprinting along track in ice rink Young man freelancer student using laptop studying online working from home in internet, smiling focused millennial guy typing on computer surfing web looking at screen enjoying distant job Print the newspaper from a short distance. The process of offset and roll printing. Production of the newspaper. Paper passing from the press. Young woman having video chat holding smartphone  webcam chatting to friend Front-View Camera Follows Semi-Truck with Cargo Trailer Driving on a Highway. He's Speeding Through Industrial Warehouse Area with Sunset in the Background. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Speaker businessman talking at webcam making conference video call for job interview,  business coach looking at camera recording vlog webinar, online training, e-coaching, consulting client online Happy teen girl talking video calling distant friend  chatting laughing having online conversation looking at webcam, cheerful young woman blogger speaking to camera recording vlog
Smiling african american young woman student online teacher looking at camera webcam making video call to distant friend or job interview, happy mixed race blogger talking at webcamera recording vlog Close up Young woman having video chat holding smartphone  webcam chatting to friend outdoors by the sea Aerial view flying over old patched two lane forest road with cars van moving green trees of dense woods growing both sides - shot with drone quad copter birds eye view perspective from above Driving past contemporary office buildings, high glassy skyscrapers, blocks of flats and apartments, distancing from iconic Empire State Building in downtown Manhattan business district in NY City  Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.Aerial View of White Semi Truck with Cargo Trailer Passing Highway Overpass/ Bridge. Eighteen Wheeler is New, Loading Warehouses are Seen in the Background. Beautiful Epic Scale Mountain Range Swiss Alps Aerial Drone Footage Clouds Peaks Travel Extreme Heights Distances Inspiration Concept UHD 4K Spreading colored smoke, wiping frame horizontally. Short distance. Good for wipe transitions & overlay effects. Separated on pure black background, contains alpha channel. AERIAL - A brown camper van in the distance drives from left to right through the image while being passed by a small black car in the middle of the Mojave desert on a clear and blue day GPS Navigation, Localization. Seamless loop. 4k - Ultra HD. Confident businessman business coach speak look at camera in office, male entrepreneur talk during conference online call job interview recording online training webinar videoconference, webcam view
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