Draft Stock Video Footage

In Busy Engineering Bureau Two Senior Engineers Discussing Technical Issues over Personal Computer. Their Office Looks Minimalistic and Modern. Shot in Slow Motion. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K. Hipster engineer works with blueprint. Shoot from above. Young architectural engineer working in office. Bearded man in glasses makes sketches. Loft style, minimalistic interior, drawings on the table Engineer works in a bright office with a large window, concentrates and draws blueprints. Workplace of an architect or designer: loft style, minimalistic interior, drawings and coffee on the table. Architect's desk: drawings, tape measure, ruler and other drawing tools. Engineer works with drawings in a bright office, close-up. Insturments and office for designer. Male hands draw with a pencil. Young Capable Architectural Engineer Working Late Hours in His Office. Office is Dark Only His Table Light is On. Various Plans and Blueprints Lying on the Table. He Writes Down His Calculations. Beer Wave Curve Shape Inside a Glass In Slow Motion Macro Shot on Phantom Camera
Aerial Flyover Over Wild Horses Running Slow Motion Through Meadow Iceland Summer Colors Freedom Liberty Travel Destination Color Strokes Flying Through the Digital Night City with Numbers and Grids. 3d Blueprint. Business and Technology Concept. 3d animation. 4k UHD 3840x2160. Cold Beer Splashing Out inside a Glass with High Speed Shot on Phantom Camera
Construction drawings background. 
loop Female Industrial Engineer and Male Project Manager Work on 3D Turbine/ Engine Model in Her CAD Software. Inside of the Factory is Seen From the Office Window. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium  Camera. Beer is pouring into angled glass. IPA on tap. Cold Light Beer in a glass with water drops. Craft Beer forming waves close up. Freshness and froth. Bar background. Microbrewery craft beer. Beautiful 3d Blueprint of Contemporary Buildings with Cranes inside Network. Flying Over Growing City Project. Blue color 3d animation. Construction Business and Technology Concept. 4k UHD 3840x2160. Beautiful Rotating Blueprint of Contemporary Growing Buildings. Construction and Technology Concept. Blue color 3d animation. 4k UHD 3840x2160. Close up of artist woman's hand with brush painting picture on canvas in art studio sunset artists studio creativity drawing design girl pattern ornament art colourful paper fine art color slow motion Good old friends drinking beer in pub The artist paints a woman on canvas and smears a broad brush. Canvas stands on the easel. The artist draws at the easel. The drawing process: a close-up of the brush and canvas Beer is pouring from the top into the glass forming waves Bartender Pouring Beer In The Bar. Close-up Female Design Engineer Sits at the Glass Table in Her Office, Works on a Tablet Computer, Blueprints Laying on Her Desk. In the Background Whiteboard with Diagrams and Sketches. Late at Night in the Office. Design Engineer Works on His Personal Computer. On His Display We See Blueprints. Office Looks Modern. In the Background People Working.
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