Drain Stock Video Footage

Tired and sleepy man yawning as he  watches tv late at night. Close up for misted glass with droplets of water draining down. Stock footage. Water dropls on black mirror, macro view. Pure water Swirl in glass, high speed A bottle of cold beer on a black background. A ray of light beautifully illuminates it, it slowly rotates Spain - October 28, 2018: Aerial drone video waterfront scrap-heap pile of garbage. Above plastic bottles rubbish pollution marine debris on lake shore. Global damage environmental dumping concept Drain pipes, environmental pollution. Drainage system flood protection. Environmental Protection Slow motion of water dam drained from outlet pipe of the dam where is the hydropower electrical generation Waste water flow to sewer
 with moss, bad water from city, water pollution, sewer drain pipe dirt sewage water drain to Wastewater Treatment. Sewer pipes at shore, stain of oil or fuel on water surface, nature pollution by toxic chemicals, dirty sea concept Opening cold bottle of beer with steam and spray (close-up) London: December 2017. Battery Technology is key to reducing CO2 levels. Time Lapse: A Smartphone Battery Drains Power. Close up macro shot of the battery level indicator on a smart phone draining. Streaming water in sink. Water stream going down the drain.
Water flow treatment system from the water pump pipe.Slow motion of water gushing out of the pipe from Koi Pond Carp fish farm for oxygen.Water was drain by big tube pvc pipe. Water streaming in sink. water stream going down the drain. Sewage from the sewer pollutes a lake, top view, slow motion White foam with bubbles of cleaner in a washbasin. Drain hole with soap bubbles in metal sink, macro view. Mechanically adjustable drain plug closeup. Storm Drain, Heavy Rain, Slow Motion, Close Up. Heavy rain pours into a storm drain.

Washbasin plug hole drain efflux Water running from a tap into a sink. Close-up shot Slow motion of water dam drained from outlet pipe of the dam where is the hydropower electrical generation Bangkok, Thailand - June 7, 2019 : The flood on Vibhavadi-Rangsit road after heavy rain  in Bangkok, Thailand
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