Dressmaker Stock Video Footage

Woman in hand gloves sew reusable cloth protective upcycled face mask with sewing machine at home, making cotton fabric medical mask. Coronavirus Covid-19 virus protection Zoom Out of a Female Fashion Designer Looking at Drawings and Sketches that are Pinned to the Wall Behind Her Desk. Studio is Sunny. Personal Computer, Colorful Fabrics, Sewing Items are Visible. Portarit of a tailor while making a business suit using the tape measure. Concept: Fashion, tailoring, shop Close-up: a hanger for clothing. Clothes hangers. Designer clothing collection. Designer with a ready collection. Sunlight between hangers for clothes. Solar Design Studio. Atelier, bathed sunlight. Sewing Machine Needle in Motion. Close-up of sewing machine needle rapidly moves up and down. The tailor sews black fabric on the sewing workshop. The process of sewing fabric. A female hand pushes material through a sewing machine A young Asian woman working in a clothing store. A fashion designer makes outlines on paper. Fashion designer drawing clothes sketch Slow motion close up of handsome businesman trying a new high quality tailor made suit and first ties a tie in atelier. Dressmaker cutting fabric Man touching a smooth, blue acrylic fabric in a textiles shop. Closeup shot. Young women fashion bloggers recording video blog about ladies'clothes on camera and talking to followers in modern studio. Many garment sketches are visible. An Italian seamstress walks into a sewing workshop towards a table with fabrics and starts looking at them. Wide shot on 8k helium RED camera. Young woman is standing in a clothing factory and using a tablet while employees work in the background. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD) Slow motion of tailor taking a measures  for a new handmade great quality suit  in atelier. Sewing denim jeans with sewing machine. Repair jeans by sewing machine. Alteration jeans, hemming a pair of jeans, handmade garment industrial concept Successful tailor entrepreneur is talking on mobile phone and using laptop. Woman is busy ordering fabric from textile supplier. Clothing design start-up concept. Front view of African American woman fashion designer looking at cloth samples in workshop. She is examining clothe samples Zoom In On a Wall with Pinned Fashion Drawings and Sketches, Templates Hanging on the Wall. Shot on RED EPIC 4K (UHD). Scissors cut red fabric close-up. Young female with a tablet is walking through a clothing workshop and meeting employees. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD)
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