Duckling Stock Video Footage

A little boy holds a small baby duck on a green lawn. CIRCA 1930 - In this animated film, a duckling has to use the bathroom. Mother duck crosses the road with ducklings. Summer motherhood scene. Family concept 4k Mallard duck with young ducklings swimming and feeding in slow motion. Sunset view. Beautiful nature scene of motherhood at golden hours. Rubber Duck hits Water Surface in Slow Motion.

Phantom Flex - 4K - 1000fps Mallard Duck with Ducklings Floating in the Pond in Summer Park. Slow Motion. Animals and Wildlife Concept Domestic gosling outdoor. Close up newborn yellow duck in warm tone and beak on the grass field on green background. Beautiful and adorable of little duckling on floor. Easter concept. Seamless looping animation of the pile of rubber ducks. A huge amount of cute yellow toys forming stacks. Symbol of play in the water while bathing. Plastic ducklings ready for child's fun in the bath Three little lovely ducklings are walking on a white background Yellow Duckling doll dancing on dashboard in a car. Tender footage from the car of family of ducks crossing without fear and confidence a paved street in residential area of Reykjavik. Sidewalk parked and white painted bicycle lanes. Iceland CIRCA 1943 - In this animated film, a black duckling saves baby swans from a vulture and is welcomed into the family. CIRCA 1943 - In this animated film, Elmer Fudd introduces a Blue Danube segment where a black duckling tries to swim with white swans. CIRCA 1943 - In this animated film, a black duckling tries to swim underwater to join up with a family of swans. Duckling running on white background Cute sweet yellow ducklings baby ducks scampering walking together on a green meadow. Easter ducklings. Rubber duck on life ring floating in the beautiful swimming pool. Camera panning around the cute yellow toy in the cristal clear water. Joyful and cheerful atmosphere. Time for play. Summer. Sunny day Rubber duck in sunglasses in relaxation zone in the swimming pool. Cute yellow toys on a beach towel and sunbeds under umbrellas. Floating life rings and ducks in the background. Joyful atmosphere.
Lovely shot of cute sweet yellow ducklings baby ducks staying together on a green meadow. Easter ducklings. Slow motion shot of a mother duck and ducklings crossing the road on the white lines CIRCA 1950 - In this animated film a duck takes a lot of vitamins and hatches an enormous egg, producing Baby Huey.
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