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Dust cloud explosion from below Building collapses after explosion with dynamite Sandstorm Dark clouds & smoke slowly flying,pollution gas. Close up of a dust explosion against black background Animated Dust Puff with alpha channel for com-positing
Large smoke cloud in sky 1920x1080 Massive smoke cloud in sky from fire or air pollution hd Dark clouds & smoke slowly flying,pollution gas. Smoke effect
Dust cloud explosion and smoke from below Sticky dust Smoke explode. Matte Channel. Powerful dust cloud from the side like a snow storm against black background Smoke coming toward camera. Steam Rises From the Cup. White smoke on black background. Motion at a rate of 240 fps Exploding cloud background White particles and ink slowly moving in water on black background Wormhole straight through time and space, clouds, and millions of stars.
Warp straight ahead through this science fiction wormhole! Passage through the fog/steam/smoke isolated on black with alpha channel. Nebula Space Shuttle  [ NATURE COLLECTION 24 Series ]+( Series 2  + version from 1 to 7 ) + " You can find every week new Footage " + + + " Have a look at the other Footage series "
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