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Five Ink Bleeds – A series of five ink bleed animations which can be used as wipe transitions, overlay effects, or to create ink reveals of your footage Bright stage lights flashing. Orange.
SEE MORE OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. Steam Rises From the Cup. White smoke on black background. Motion at a rate of 240 fps Sound waves+Dance of lines and light [ COLLECTION 20+With GREEN + ORANGE Color ]-[Version from 1 to 12 ] + " Thing Different+You can find every week new Footage+Have a look at the other Footage series White particles and ink slowly moving in water on black background Abstract background with shining bokeh sparkles. Smooth animation looped. With a central place for your logo\text. Abstract golden bokeh particles seamless loop Ink blots are falling and spread. Painted black ink light box element. It is suitable for creation of highly high-quality transitions and effects. Heavy rain on water shooting with high speed camera, phantom flex. Water surface splashing, slow motion Background of natural floating dust particles backlit with lens flare - 96fps HD Slo-mo 2 Ink drops on white/Ink Bleed Bloom/Black expanding Bright stage lights flashing. Blue.
SEE MORE OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. Growing network connections. 2 colors in 1 file. Loopable. Blue-Silver. Perfect to use as a technology, communication or social media background. More options in my portfolio. Fire ball explosion shooting with high speed camera, phantom flex. Streaks of Blue Light Abstract Motion Background Countdown Leader Graphic 10 - 0, With Film Burn & Rolling Effect, Grayscale TV static turning on and off. 2 videos in 1 file. More options in my portfolio. Fabulous Patterns
Beijing Central Business District skyline sunset time lapse 17seconds of authentic multicoloured light leaks on a black background(Set of 7 different)Ideal for editing:for compositing over your footage, stylizing your video,for transitions.Full HD loop,1080p. Footage of a crowd partying, dancing slow motion at a concert
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