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POPULAR abstract seamless background blue purple spectrum looped animation fluorescent ultraviolet light 4k glowing neon line Abstract background web neon box pattern LED screens projection technology In Technology Research Facility: Chief Engineer Stands in the Middle of the Lab and Uses Tablet Computer. Team of Industrial Engineers, Developers Work on Engine Design Use Digital Whiteboard Electronic circuit board production. Automated Circut Board machine Produces Printed digital electronic board. Electronics contract manufacturing. Manufacture of electronic chips. High-tech Two Engineers/ Scientists/ Technicians in Sterile Cleanroom Suits Use Microscopes for Component Adjustment and Research. They Work in an Electronic Components Manufacturing Factory. Factory Machine at Work: Printed Circuit Board Being Assembled with Automated Robotic Arm, Surface Mounted Technology Connecting Microchips to the Motherboard. Time Lapse Macro Close-up Footage. Orange, green technology background circuit board and code/Orange,  green technology background In Ultra Modern Electronic Manufacturing Factory Design Engineer in Sterile Coverall Holds Microchip with Gloves and Examines it.  Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Team of Industrial Robotics Engineers Gathered Around Table With Robot Arm, They Use Tablet Computer to Manipulate and Program it to Pick Up and Move Metal Component. Focus on Hands On High Tech Factory Female Engineer Uses Computer for Programing Pick and Place Electronic Machinery for Printed Circuit Board Surface Mount Assembly Line. Production of PCB with SMT Machinery. Team of Computer Engineers Work with Three Dimensional Printer, They've Created Unique Component. They Work in a Creative Scientifically Advanced Laboratory. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera Microchip CPU Processor Turning On Orange, blue background with html code /Server load html code In the Bright Robotic Industry Engineering Facility Robot Arm Picks Up Metal Component Moves it Into Place. High Tech Industrial Technology Using Modern Machine Learning, Data Mining Orange, blue background printed circuit board with html code. The server processes the data. Loading data by the server/Load data from the server code html. Printed Circuit Board Blue lines drawn by bright spots eventually create an abstract image of a circuit board. It may represent electronic connections, communication, futuristic technology. On High Tech Factory Asian Engineer Uses Computer for Programming Pick and Place Surface Mount Electronic Machinery for Printed Circuit Board Assembly Line.Shot on 4K (UHD) Camera Two Scientists/ Technicians in Sterile Suits Check Semiconductor Silicon Wafer that Reflects Many Different Colors, it will be Made into Computer Chips.They Work in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant Automated Electronic circuit board production. Machine Produces Printed digital board, contract manufacturing. Manufacture of electronic chips. Robotic arm. Red light. High-tech. Full HD. Blue toning The microchip, the chip, the processor on the board rotates around the camera and glitter of internal structures. Macro. Closeup. The camera is rotating Close-up of the Engineer/ Technician/ Scientist Checking Electronic Component under the Microscope. He Wears Sterile Coverall Suit and Protective Glasses While Working in the Electronics Factory. Slow motion of an young professional engineer with specific glasses is using a tablet for working on projection of an innovative technology mechanical arm  in his workshop.
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