Empire Stock Video Footage

Birds Eye Top Down Overhead View of Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York City at Night, Aerial View slide right Circa September 2019 New York, USA - May 2022: The Empire State Building roof highlighted by bright yellow light at night. Outstanding skyscraper at the backdrop of New York panorama. Aerial view closing in on the top of the Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York city with tall skyscrapers and Central Park in the background in 2019 NEW YORK USA - SEPTEMBER 4, 2016,AERIAL HELI SHOT: Flying above the parallel streets under iconic Empire State Building shining lit up with lights on magical summer night in New York City. Forwards fly around Chrysler Buildings decorative top section. Cityscape in backlit. Manhattan, New York City, USA in 2021 NEW YORK, NY, USA - JUNE 21, 2019: Aerial approach The Newyorker and Empire State Building AERIAL NO VISIBLE TRADEMARKS: Flying above illuminated NYC skyscrapers in Midtown Manhattan with deleted and blurred logos on summer evening. Copyright-free New York City skyline shining at night Historical battle scene.
Historical events. Soldiers planning ancient war tactics. Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire.
Slow Dolly Slide right Empire State Building in Manhattan at Night surrounded by Skyscrapers in Big City Skyline with City lights flashing, Aerial Drone Shot New York City Aerial 4k NEW YORK CITY, USA - SEPT 22, 2018: drone shot of NYC New York City Manhattan iconic skyscrapers with Empire State Building. NYC is a popular tourist travel destination. NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, OCTOBER 2019: AERIAL: Spectacular heli shot of Empire State Building illuminated in the middle of the night. Breathtaking flying view of New York City skyline. Statue of Roman Emperor Julius Caesa, Time Lapse at Sunset with Red Clouds and Fiery Sky New York City, United States of America CIRCA-2018, Aerial view of the Empire State building at sunset. Wide shot. 4k shot with a RED camera. NEW YORK CITY, USA - Jan 15, 2020: Establishing moving drone shot of skyscrapers buildings downtown Manhattan New York City. 4k slow motion. NYC is a historic American city, destination in USA.  Slow Scenic turn circle around Empire State Building top at Night Illuminated, Aerial Establisher of Manhattan Skyscraper with City Lights Circa September 2019 Sparkling Crown of Russian Empire decorated with diamonds and pearls in showcase Aerial view of The Financial District in Lower Manhattan. Cityscape and famous skyscrapers of New York City. Shot from a helicopter. The top of the Empire State Building | New York City, NY, USA | June 3rd 2016 Top section of Chrysler Building with crown decoration against setting sun. Revealing tall Empire State Building. Manhattan, New York City, USA in 2021 Day flying towards Empire State Building higher variation
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