Environmental Stock Video Footage

Green forest aerial view and environmental technology concept. Green tech. Ecology. Green transformation. GX. SDGs. Teamwork cleaning plastic on the beach. Volunteers collect trash in a trash bag. Plastic pollution and environmental problem concept. Voluntary cleaning of nature from plastic. Greening the planet Group of multicultural happy eco activists plants tree at sunset. Diverse people is planting tree. Males and females with shovels and planting plant in soil Solar power plant and Windmills aerial view. Renewable energy. Green tech. Agriculture. A farmer hand water green sprout. Green seedling in soil. Agriculture concept. Water drops, life of young sprout. Sprouted seed in fertile soil. Farmer hand waters young seedling in soil Large wind turbines with blades in field aerial view bright orange sunset blue sky wind park slow motion drone turn. Silhouettes windmills, large orange sun disc summer lens flare. Alternative energy Modern city and environmental technology concept. Resource recycling. Recycling society. Green tech. Sustainable development goals. SDGs. Save the planet earth day low CO2 emission. Aerial forest tree nature view with big data global care go green growth hope future. Net zero waste in ESG ethical business reduce pollution greenhouse gas Sea Turtle Swimming under Polluted Water with Plastic Garbage. 3D Animation of Wildlife Animal Turtle in Ocean near Waste Plastic Bottle Bag. Environmental Issue. Human Impact Marine Pollution Ecology Agriculture teamwork. farmers team hands plant a small plant in the ground soil. business teamwork agriculture concept. team man and woman hands close up with plant plant in eco mud soil Glass globe in hand,ecology concept, earth day. Modern city and environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs. Environment protection concept. Renewable energy. Sustainable development goals. Ecology solar power station panels in the fields green energy at sunset landscape electrical innovation nature environment slow motion Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs. Carbon offset price report CO2 emission. Future growth Net zero waste in ESG ethical SME office protect climate change global warming social issues project. Group of asia people Eco friendly SDGs plan Camera pulls back through rotating blades of a wind turbine in an offshore wind farm in the sea against low sun. Green and renewable energy concept. Realistic high quality 3d animation. 3D animation - Looped rotating crystal ball shaped planet Earth in a green forest Climate emergency.Climate change. Global warming. Epic spectacular high aerial fly over view of a grass fire in the Okavango Delta, caused by drought and climate change, Southern Africa Intelligent Vehicles Cars Communicating Ai Logistic Autonomous Delivery Vehicles IoT GPS Tracking Satellite 5G Smart Roads Traffic Road Junction Interchange Motorway Triangulation Of Traffic Data Three polar bears are walking on the melting Arctic sea ice. Warming temperatures gradually melt glaciers with Global climate warming.  Protect the environment, high-altitude shooting
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