Espionage Stock Video Footage

A high-tech spy satellite opens its solar panels as it gathers top secret intelligence around the globe. Perfect for high tech, CIA, intelligence, espionage GPS Tracking. An electronic tracking or tracing visual ideal for traffic, espionage, and police themed productions. Rotation reel with tape on the video, audio tape recorder / player. Closeup. Shallow depth of field Spy Satellite Orbiting the Earth Confident noir detective smoking a cigarette, he turns and looks at the camera Aerial surveillance flyover of an urban, small city center. Reversible, seamless loop. Real-life geoimaging readout lexicon and labels. Aerial view of a highway where cars pass to go to the city and a futuristic graphic appears. Concept of: speed control, espionage, satellite control, connection. Classic reel to reel tape recorder VU meter, volume meter, analog display 4K Screen of account data being accessed as the program performs a search and finds a match Computer screen and code reflected in man's glasses 4K Hacker accessing and searching data files at night in the dark Surveillance drone camera scanning a city in the middle east desert, POV of drone or satellite with HUD and heat camera monitoring Sanaa in Yemen Satellite Zoom into U.S. Pentagon (24fps). A slow aerial zoom in on the United States Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia, shot from a satellite perspective above with moving clouds and traffic. Confident noir film spy with trench coat and fedora hat in the dark, he is stepping forward and crossing arms Aachen, Germany - March 01, 2017: Studio shot of Anonymous computer hacker wearing Guy Fawkes vendetta mask on March 01, 2017. A modern-day aerial reconnaissance HUD/GUI display shows the San Francisco Bay Area and California coast passing by far below, as well as related data. Available in DCI 2K/4K by request Sequence of aerial surveillance displays: small city center, office park, residential area. Reversible, seamless loop. Real-life geoimaging readout lexicon and labels. Agent listen wiretap A special forces and policemen surveillance team in a modern office with large live screens. Young Handsome Suspect During Interrogation Undergoes Lie Detector / Polygraph Test, Connected to the Machine He Answers Yer or No Questions. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Old displays of professional analog vu metres in a recording studio, measuring and showing decibels
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