Evacuation Stock Video Footage

Kiev, Ukraine - 03.08.2022: People are being evacuated from the rubble. Ukraine war. Civilian people after the bombing. A large group of people are walking along the streets. Refugees fleeing conflict Breaking news: Flames and smoke from wildfires cover the landscape. Clouds of smoke from bush fire blew into the harbor of Bodrum, making it look like an apocalyptic landscape. Escaping to the sea Desperate Poor Afraid Child Standing in The Middle of War Zone Deserted Demolished City Buildings Burning in the Background Bucharest, Romania - March 09, 2022: Ukrainian refugees from Ukraine arrived in North Railway Station with a train of 10-car provided by CFR, attempting to escape Vladimir Putin's war against Ukraine. CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees attempt to board a U.S. C-17 Globemaster at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul Afghanistan during the American evacuation. Ukrainian refugee mother with child crossing border. Bottom view of abandoned toy on ground in destroyed Ukrainian city. Child's teddy bear lying on background of burnt residential buildings during Russian - Ukrainian war. Invasion of territory Ukraine Irpen, Kyiv, Ukraine - 03.12.2022: Ukraine war. People are being evacuated from the rubble. Civilian people after the bombing. Lviv, Ukraine - March 15, 2022: Ukrainian refugees on Lviv railway station waiting for train to escape to Europe. Crowd of people. War in Ukraine concept Lviv, Ukraine - March 8, 2022: Refugees coming on railway station of western Ukrainian city of Lviv War bomb ukraine house fire ruin village country danger destroy Crowd business people leave the office rooms, legs of peole moving Lviv, Ukraine - March 15, 2022: Humanitarian aid. Crowd of refugees at the train station unload the aid that came from Europe. War at Ukraine concept. War with Russia at Ukraine Flight over New Orleans City Flooded, people sitting on roof tops and rescue helicopter passing, 4K Crowd business people leave the office rooms. Legs of crowd people leaving the office rooms Aerial View from above on the flooded houses and the city. Flood after floods from the mountains. The houses are flooded with dirty water of the flooded river CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees are ushered onto planes by U.S. soldiers at Hamid Karzai airport during the mass evacuation effort of Afghanistan. Lviv, Ukraine - March 15, 2022: Mother and her child. Refugees from Ukraine at the railway station. War at Ukraine concept. Editorial Stock Footage Hurricane Laura - Category 4 Storm Damage in Lake Charles, Louisiana Sofia, Bulgaria - 23 May, 2019: People escape to fire exit stairs during terrorist attack danger in arena hall
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