Excavator Stock Video Footage

Construction workers supervising heavy machinery during tunnel construction work An excavator digs coal and pours it into a large yellow dump truck. Open pit coal mining Electronic garbage recycling factory. Fragments of defective electronics being grabbed by a loader Closeup road construction work Crawler excavator working at the construction site. Construction machinery for excavating, loading, lifting and hauling of cargo on job sites. Aerial top view, 4K Video Coal mining mine excavator truck open pit winter Iron ore quarry open pit mining. Aerial view of excavators and machinery are loading ore into dump truck in quarry. Large industrial quarry An endless row of yellow big dump trucks standing in the mud. Vast machinery fleet ready for heavy transport. Wet gravel ground with many puddles reflecting the giant vehicles. Looping animation. Archeological site, Dolly shot of Archeologists working, excavation Huge marble blocks at marble quarry site Excavator on a construction site, people work on a construction site Top-down aerial view of the excavator loading soil on a dump truck in winter 02562 Excavator Rotate At Construction Site Tachov / Czech Republic - August 18, 2020: Construction site of Antelope gas pipeline. One part of Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to European Union. Workers and cranes making new way for gas. Panorama aerial view shot open pit mine coal mining, dumpers, quarrying extractive industry stripping work. Big Yellow Mining Trucks. View from drone at opencast mining with lots of machinery trucks Explosion at open mine Excavator on the iron ore opencast, Loading of iron ore on very big dump-body truck, Dump truck being loaded with iron ore on the opencast, Panorama of an open-cast mine extracting iron ore Excavators dig the ground in the round snowy mine. Panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan. Top view timelapse video of construction site in beginning of building new housing project in Hong Kong. Workers and machinery move fast and busy on development area Aerial top down of coal conveyor belt piling up coal at a depot for export/import. Fossil fuel reliance, sustainability and global warming concepts. An excavator digs a trench for laying a cable. Summer sunny day. Excavator digs a trench for laying the cable
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