Eye Looking Through Stock Video Footage

Authentic shot of a pensive young woman is touching a glass with her hand while looking through the window and smiling.
Concept: life, dreams, hope, new beginning, environment, quarantine, covid-19 Face of girl with clean skin with natural makeup among exotic plants on a dark background in studio. Advertising of natural and organic cosmetics. Face of woman through large green leaves. A curious dog looks out the car window, which rides through a small town. Against the background of a beautiful sky Cybernetic brain. Zooming through eye. Cybernetic brain. Zooming through eye. High Above Raging River Looking Straight Down on Rapids Through Thick Forest of Tall Evergreen Trees Close up of a hand reaching and opening a crack in the window blinds - looking through the closed shutters in office or house - watching and spying outside - staying home curious or lonely man COVID 19 Isolation Concept. Stay at home quarantine. Beautiful young woman looking out the window through the blinds to the street. Looking Through Peephole In Door Viewer. Extreme close up of the eye of a girl peeping through a peephole in door viewer Amusing young beagle dog with long flying ears run through grass and glowers towards camera, slow motion shot. Hilarious playful puppy chase and look straight, happily spend time outing at park Zoom through the eyes to fly in space. Hand pulling down window blind to peek outside - watching from an office or house room - staying inside safe in home - lonely or curious person or spy looking for mystery hiding in apartment - closeup Little boys hands making heart shape gesture while sitting in car seat in summer evening. Young boy looking through the heart from hands to the camera. Child hands showing heart. Happy family concept A man/ male sitting in the car wearing face protective mask looking outside through the glass window amid Corona virus/ COVID 19 epidemic or pandemic Charismatic woman doctor with a tired eyes and wearing a protective mask looking through the hospital window closeup to the camera Face of the boy looking with interest through the window of the train. Little traveler with curious brown eyes. Beautiful boy in the train, car. Traveling concept. Part of series. Funny bearded man in suit spying holding fists near eyes and looking through holes, pretending to watch in binoculars, zooming to see better, having fun. Indoor studio shot isolated on gray background Drone shot of multi-generation family walking through sand dunes with evening light Close up Asian woman in blue medical face mask wears protective gloves bring nearer hands to camera makes heart shape looks through fingers. Take care of yourself at COVID-19 pandemic disease concept Girl's eye with beautiful make-up,with sparkles,with shadows, peeps through circular crevice of colored paper. Girl's eye is in the round. Closes and opens palm her eyes. Concept advertising. Girl with the perfect blue eyes and blond hair standing in front of the window on a rainy night and looking through the dripping water on the glass. Looping video
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