Facial Stock Video Footage

High view of commuters walking. Facial recognition interface showing personal data for each person. Surveillance concept. Artificial intelligence. Deep learning. Handsome Young Caucasian Man is Identified by Biometric Facial Recognition Scanning Process. Futuristic Concept: Projector Identifies Individual by Illuminating Face by Dots and Scanning with Laser Close up portrait of attractive young middle eastern man smiling happy optimistic start up business owner contemporary office background Portrait of professional businessman in library smiling gentleman architect professor lecturer Sun light on the face of passenger. Close-up shot of a little curious boy looking out of the window in train. Child reflecting in the glass. The boy looks at sun. Facial emotions of little traveler. Biometric Facial Recognition Scanning of Blue Eye's Iris. Futuristic Concept: Projector Identifies Individual by Illuminating Face by Dots and Scanning with Laser. Close-up Shot This motion graphics video will brighten anyone's day just like the emojis it features. The clip shows a big crowd of emoji with different facial expressions, flying through the air. Use in your socia 4K Selfie son grabs mothers nose, continuation of 4 years selfies
Middle-aged man sitting thinking before looking up at the camera registering disbelief and surprise, starting backwards and then staring. Portrait of a Handsome Man Sitting on a Couch at Home at Night, Watching Entertaining Movie on TV. He is Really Mind Blown by the Movie Plot and Special Effects. A businessman as bank and telephone bank protection has facial recognition, thanks to increased reality and futuristic technology. Concept of: cyber security, business, technology and future DOLLY IN Portrait of female showing exaggerated surprise facial expression in modern office. 4K UHD A terrified young woman watches a horror film at the cinema Spa facial Massage. Face Massage in beauty spa salon. Beauty Treatments. Body care, skin care, wellness, wellbeing, beauty treatment concept. Slow motion 240 fps 4K UHD video 3840x2160 Portrait of attractive charming caucasian man smiling confident on calm seaside beach at sunset wearing blue shirt Facial Recognition System. Face ID. Face Detection Dots and Trackers. Futuristic and Technological 3D Scanning of the Face of a Beautiful Woman for Facial Recognition and Scanned 3D Polygonal Mesh. A young woman at the movies begins to smile and laugh Facial recognition system. It scans and creates a depth map of your face with invisible points to protect the user information and unlock the device once the authentication is granted. Security system Smartphone using facial recognition system to unlock. A woman face is being scanned as a security measure. Face detection points. Perfect to illustrate: security system, futuristic technology. Close up portrait of attractive man staring looking intense eyes Futuristic and technological scanning of the face of a beautiful woman for facial recognition and scanned person. It can serve to ensure personal safety. Concept of:  future, security, scanning.
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