Feeder Stock Video Footage

Real Humming Bird with Alpha Channel Matte mask in 4K Huge large mega ULCV container ship sails on open water fully loaded with containers and cargo - aerial 4k view Chicken eggs on the conveyor Dead dry fish on seashell beach in Black sea. Sea pollution toxic plastic garbage, plastic packing everywhere. Human industrial activity as plastic bag making machine. Earth protection concept Grey Squirrel on the feeder Male cardinal singing its bird song perched in tree.  Songbird singing.  Using the printer to scanning the document Spring flowering trees in the Moscow park. Lilac and hawthorn in bloom in the garden in early spring Lilac Garden is the most complete collection of lilac cultivars (varieties) among all Moscow Beautiful Stonechat female bird on branch singing flying away slow motion Giant manta rays swimming in the blue - Socorro, San Benedicto island Chickens on a Modern Farm / Chickens for fattening on a modern poultry farm Aerial Shot Of Busy Shipping Traffic At Morning In The Straits Of Singapore Hummingbird feeding in slow motion. Shot with a high speed camera. Black Crow raven jackdaw bird flying slow motion wings beating Kuwait Printing Press. Medium close up on newspapers being folded mechanically on a conveyor belt in a printing press. Bird in flight in slow motion in a heavy forest on a summer day. Garden birds feeding on a bird feeder in winter Cows and calves on the animal farm Dairy cows in the stable Parcel trailer unloading to conveyor belt system Beautiful small garden bird great tit - Parus major and Eurasian blue tit - Cyanistes caeruleus, feeding in winter time in bird feeder. Snowy winter day on garden
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