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WASHINGTON, DC - JAN. 2016: DC Fire trucks arrive, sirens, one stops lets other turn corner.  Fire truck crews include EMTs, as EMS is part of fire department in DC Fire truck turns lights on and drives out of firehall Close-up of fire truck equipment. Scene. Fireman turns red valves on fire truck. Concept of fire WASHINGTON, DC - FEB. 28, 2017: WASHINGTON, DC - FEB. 28, 2017: Aerial fire truck passes, siren, at night fire scene. As engine passes, see 2nd aerial truck w ladder raised at apartment building. Paris, France - April 6, 2019: Motorcycle policemen and Ambulance with emergency lights flashing in Car Traffic by night at Paris. Lights, cars, fires, bus, blur effect. Lot of vehicles. Close up. Business employee packing his belongings in the office after being fired and turning off the light Fire engine turns off the fire in a wheat field. Fires in Israel that caused from burning kites and balloons that sent from the Gaza strip. 18.05.2018 in Nahal Oz fields, Israel. Training firefighters - rescuers.Fire quickly climbs up the fire escape window has 3 floors of educational - training tower. GoPro . 
Denver Colorado, Circa September 2014 -Flashing lights on a fire truck as firemen respond to an emergency call in downtown Denver Colorado. WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 2014: Fire Department engine honks through stubborn traffic, turns corner, siren.  Washington, DC.  Engines are staffed with trained EMTs, often arriving before ambulance. Using a smartphone to turn ON the car alarm security feature. Lititz , PA / United States - 07 04 2019: Aerial turn and top down shot of fire truck in Fourth of July parade, crowds line streets Red Emergency Lights on Top of Fire Truck. Close-Up. WASHINGTON, DC - CIRCA 2014:  Firefighter waves as aerial truck passes, responding, siren, weaves through traffic. In DC, EMS is part of Fire Department; & firefighters are often trained paramedics Firemen grouped around a hose truck turn streams of water on a raging structure fire Warsaw, poland 30.05.2020 Car accident. Vehicle turned on the roof in front of the fire truck. High quality 4k footage Front of fire truck ride at carnival 12.11.2019 Toulouse France: Red French fireman truck , first rescue van rushing along the street and turns onto the expressway Dismissal employee in preventive medical mask in an epidemic coronavirus. Sad dismissed worker are taking packing his belongings in the office after being fired and walking away. A pan to right close up shot of a fire truck's siren that is turned on. Disaster. Fire truck work on the fire.
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