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Older man walking through cemetery holding US flag An aerial over a vast cemetery of headstones honors America's veterans. (USA 2010s) Crane/Dolly Shot Rising Military Cemetery Headstones An aerial over a vast cemetery of headstones honors America's veterans. (USA 2010s) A soldier's grave is decorated with flowers and a little American flag in honor of service. Military Funeral Marching in Cemetery Military Cemetery Aerial Flyover Tracking military cemetery, flowers and flags on tombstones Aerial drone shot of the graves and structures in Woodward Hill Cemetery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA Family visiting grave of fallen solider An American flag flies over the grave of a soldier in a cemetery. Flowers adorn all the graves. American flag blowing in the breeze next to a grave stone on the grass in a cemetery. Crane/Dolly Shot Rising Military Cemetery The grave of an American service member is marked with a flag and flowers, honoring their sacrifice to our country. WASHINGTON, DC - APR 2015: Iwo Jima Memorial Marine Corp flag Washington DC 4K. Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery. Over 400,000 graves in cemetery. Dedicated to United States Marine Corps. National Cemetery gravestones of patriots, HD stock video clip. Slow motion, November 10, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Death Day Anniversary. Memorial day of Ataturk. Video Animation Post. (Translation:Remembering with Respect.) Memorial Day Flags in Cemetery Memorial Day Veteran's Cemetery with flags On Veteran's Day, small American flags are placed on the graves of veterans in honor of their service. Veterans Day flags. Shot on Veterans Day, 2010 at Riverside National Cemetery.
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