Florida Wildlife Stock Video Footage

Two Sea turtles crawling white sand beach toward sea water sunset down summer United States. Family new beginning life swim ocean. Baby turtles crossing shore sunny. Change pollution global warming. Swimming sea turtle and sandy seabed. Underwater video from scuba diving with the turtles. Wild sea animal in the tropical ocean. Marine life in the shallow water. Swimming cute wild sea turtle (Chelonia Mydas) in the blue ocean. Underwater scuba diving with sea turtle. Exotic island vacation with snorkeling. Wildlife on the tropical coral reef. Bald Eagle flying in slow motion against blue sky and clouds. Close-up. Beautiful shot of Bald eagle swooping down and catching a fish in his talons from the blue water in 240 fps slow motion. Roseate spoonbill flying and landing in slow motion at everglades swamp Swimming green sea turtle and shallow blue ocean with white sand. Underwater animal, video from scuba diving in the tropical sea. Cute marine wildlife. Underwater view of manatee swimming in sunlight at Crystal River Preserve State Park, Crystal River, Florida, USA A flock of swarming red and pink flamingos
Endangered Florida Manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) playing in Three Sister's Springs (Crystal River, Florida, USA). Warm spring provides refuge from hypothermia in winter months. Aerial view of South Florida UNESCO Everglades National Park a delta swamp wetland tropical wildlife area Florida USA Alligator Swimming floating in the Calm, Dark Water With Plants of the Everglades in Florida, United States. A Dangerous Reptile. An Animal of an Endangered Species. Everglades National Park Trail - tourists visiting Florida Everglades. Couple on travel in Miami doing day tour to Everglades walking Anhinga Trail. RED EPIC SLOW MOTION. Overhead Aerial of Airboat in Swamp at Sunset, Slow Motion Silhouetted eagle flying in front of sunset in slow motion.  Good for titles and backgrounds. Airboat on Everglades at Sunset, Aerial Drone Slow Motion Chipping sparrow eating bird seed on flat surface. Stock wildlife 4k footage Large American alligator walking in grass. Looking for water in dry season.
School of tropical fish (Trevally) and colorful corals under the pier. Scuba diving in the blue ocean, underwater video. Corals and fishes, marine wildlife. An alligator thrashes underwater and catches a fish. Beautiful shot of Bald Eagle sitting atop of a dead tree - eagle flies away in super slow motion as camera tracks him. Sunset golden hour. 4K.
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