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Close up of man buying bouquet of flowers and paying by cash. Florist selling beautiful flowers to a man. Laughing and chatting young couple looking at plants and getting help from store owner in interior boutique flower shop with soft day lighting. Medium shot on 4k RED camera. Woman Buying Flowers in a Sunlit Garden Shop. 4K. Young woman shopping for decorative plants on a sunny floristic greenhouse market. Home and Garden concept. Clip of a half-full shopping cart moving through a supermarket's produce aisle. You can clearly see fruits like pineapple, bananas, and grapes inside the cart. Shot in real time. Beautiful woman florist collects a magnificent bouquet of flowers for the holiday. She puts flowers out of a vase florist tools. Business concept. Shop. 20-25 years. outdoor work Expert young woman and man working as florist in flower shop. Sales assistant helping colleague with plants and flowers in greenhouse. Teamwork and collaboration with happy co-workers in Milan Small town streets on a sunny day Male customer is paying with smartphone making online payment then taking bunch of flowers from florist in store. Modern technology and finance concept. Businesswoman in her own flower shop, preparing bouquet of flowers and holding roses. Pretty girl self-employed in florist store. Confident young woman at work in Milan. Dolly shot Florist woman make a bouquet of beautiful flowers People, shopping, sale, floristry and consumerism concept - florist man wrapping flowers in paper at flower shop Timelapse of white peony flower blooming on black background Happy bride and groom in wedding dress prepare for married in wedding ceremony. Romantic love of man and woman couple. Slow motion of female florist young woman in apron holding beautiful flowers making bouquet working in shop. Small business, profession and plants concept. Slow motion of an young woman gardener in apron is walking satisfied with her work in a plant shop greenhouse in a sunny day. Female store owner spraying a plant with water in interior boutique plant shop with soft day lighting. Close up slow motion shot on 4k RED camera. Handmade Spa Soap. Organic Soap making. Little girl funny cute girl smiling eating ice cream horn in shopping center. Happy family eats ice cream in mall. face of cute blonde kid child holding ice-cream in hands. Child, happy children Slow motion of female florist in apron using tablet at work counting plants touching screen writing down information. Small business and technology concept. Ultra Music Festival background. Bright floodlights turning on and off forming different shapes. Multicolor lighting bulbs loop. Floodlights Flash lights Happy barista man portrait outside cafe
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