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A flock of swallows flying freely, a group of birds made in 3D A set of 7 footages. Flock of crows isolated on white background. Silhouettes of birds in motion far in the sky. Nature pattern for design. Visual element for compositing. Pack of 7 different flock of crows - multiple options at different angles, on green screen background. Pre keyed for compositing as VFX effects. Flying through amazingly beautiful cloudscape. Picturesque timelapse of white fluffy clouds moving softly on the clear blue sky. Direct view from the cockpit. Camera is raising above from the thick fog above the beautiful ocean of clouds at sunrise. Sun is rising above the endless sea of clouds until the horizon. Amazing nature landscape, 4K drone in sky A flock of pigeons flying freely, spreading white wings. Concept of peace and freedom. Releasing Pigeons. High Speed Flying Lines 3d Animation in Seamless Looping Traffic. Sci-fi Digital Footage Electric Move of Dynamic Streaks in Dark Backdrop. Neon Glowing Rays of Hyperspace in Time Travel Illustration Clear on a green screen a flock of black birds flying high in the sky Majestic Bald Eagle flying in slow motion.  Close-up bird Eagle flying low past trees and fall colors as it flaps wing. 120 fps slow motion. Four options of startled crows taking flight and flying away off-screen, with green background. Each flock differs in number of birds and how they fly away. White-tailed eagle is a bird of prey in the hawk family.  In flight, the bird holds its broad wings horizontally. The white-tailed eagle is the fourth largest bird of prey in Europe. Seagull bird flying slow motion with sunset. Flying through heavenly beautiful sunny cloudscape. Amazing timelapse of golden fluffy clouds moving softly on the sky and the sun shining through the clouds with beautiful rays and lens flare. Water drops flying in super slow motion 4K Cinematic breathtaking aerial flying backwards through the white fluffy clouds high in the heavenly sky with fresh clean air and blue skies on background. Paradise concept, nature landscape footage 4K Pack of 5 footages. A flock of crows isolated on chroma key green screen background. Silhouettes of birds in motion far in the sky. Wildlife Pre keyed for compositing as VFX effects. Earth zoom in from outer space to city. Zooming on Frankfurt, Germany. The animation continues by zoom out through clouds and atmosphere into space. View of the Earth at night. Images from NASA. 4K Flock of vultures flying circles in the sky for 25 seconds, on a green background. Seamless loop galaxy exploration through outer space towards glowing milky way galaxy. 4K looping animation of flying through glowing nebulae, clouds and stars field. Elements furnished by NASA image. Swainson's Hawk flying through the sky gliding in slow motion in the Utah wilderness. A set of 6 real footage. A flock of pigeons isolated on white background. Silhouettes of birds in motion far in the sky. Wildlife visual effects. A visual element for compositing.
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