Foliage Stock Video Footage

Aerial drone hyperlapse timelapse of beautiful tropical valley between mountains. The first rays of the rising sun break through the clouds and clouds. The last rays of the sunset hit the tree crowns. Flying over green trees forest at sunrise. Morning sun and fog. Aerial shot, 4K Walking through jungle forest as sun peeks through trees at summer time. Rays light into green forest. Nature wood in story in special coutryside The rays of the sun make their way through the green leaves of the trees. Live texture with green leaves and breaking sun rays.  Top view of a fire erupted in the forest Stream running fast in summer green forest. Small waterfall with crystal clear water. Stones and logs covered with moss. Steadicam slow motion shot Natural meadow grass slowly swayed by wind blow. The beautiful green swaying grass field is relaxing & romantic. It waving along wind breeze. Slow motion & copy space. Green environment concept. Sunset starburst highlights autumn neighborhood scene with homes and colorful trees, cars and trucks on street at intersection, aerial drone shot Tropical coconut palm leaf swaying in the wind with sun light, Summer background, slow motion. Portrait of an attractive brunette woman walking in the park at fall on a sunny day and smiling. The face of a happy beautiful woman in autumn outdoor. Slow-motion 4k footage Camera is flying above waterfall in eastern tropical forrest. Fast shooting first. Drone aerial. Beautiful sunlight in the forest aerial footage Beautiful green vibrant natural video bokeh abstract background. Defocused leaves of old trees and soft sunset sunlight transparenting through branches. Looking up in forest, POV through tops of trees, sun shines through foliage Aerial view, flying between the palms, trees en purple flowers in a tropical forest
Fresh morning water dew drops on vibrant green grass lit by the sun blowing in the wind close up zooming out through grass slow motion reveal Raining day in tropical forest. rain drop on banana tree. parasite tree. sound of thunder. Aerial drone view of American suburban neighborhood. Establishing shot of America's  suburb, street. Residential single family houses, lush greenery. Autumn colors, Fall season, trees with yellow red 
Leaf fall animation. Autumn maple leaves falling on green chromakey background. Camera looks up and moves slowly under trees. Tree branches and leaves against blue sky. Warm summer day in los angeles california USA Looping Cinemagraph macro of green leaf background
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