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A football player jumps over his opponents to make a touchdown, slow motion A very good soccer player catches a ball with his chest and then jumps in the air and kicks the ball. Wide slow motion shot. Elementary school kids playing football in a field A female soccer player dribbles down the field at night while her opponents slide tackle and defend Close up of a football running back getting tackled by two defenders A football player runs with the ball while players trying to tackle him miss African American Brothers have fun playing around in a water fountain. Medium shot Soccer players march onto the pitch and get ready to start the game The camera pans overhead as a football player avoids being tackled and makes a touchdown The camera pans overhead as a football player avoids being tackled and makes a touchdown A football player helps his opponent up off the ground after being tackled A football player gets tackled at the beginning of a play, view from above LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA - NOVEMBER 8 RB D'Andre Pollard (#21, Redskins) breaks 5 tackles and runs into the end zone for a touchdown against Unionville HS, in the playoffs on August 30th, 2013. A soccer, or football, player that is dramatically and artistically lit, on an artificial field pitch on a black background, kicks a ball away from the camera at a medium height An offensive player makes a nice spin move to avoid two defenders. Medium slow motion shot. Soccer player gets vertical and kicks a ball in mid air A football player runs through a tackling defender Close up view of football player's hands on the ground ready to snap the ball KYIV, UKRAINE - OCTOBER 18, 2015: Teams playing American football. Soccer player tackled by strong rivals, sportsman suffers injury during match. Sport teamwork, cooperation, dangerous profession
A football player jumps over the line and tackles the quarterback First person point of view from inside a football player's helmet, from the huddle to running a touchdown
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