Foreman Stock Video Footage

Engineer Plan of Manufacture Work. Caucasian Business People in Hard Hat or Safety Wear. Confident Older Contractor or Attractive Mechanic of Machine Inspection for Machinery Tool Job Close-up Indoors Aerial top view of cargo ship carrying container and running with tug boat for export  goods  from  cargo yard port to custom ocean concept freight shipping by ship . Aerial of smart cargo ship carrying container and running for export  goods  from  cargo yard port to other ocean concept freight shipping ship on blue sky background. Two young engineers walking through construction site , background big crane , they wearing safety equipment. red epic Construction workers are walking along the building in progress Construction Worker Using Theodolite Surveying Optical Instrument for Measuring Angles in Horizontal and Vertical Planes on Construction Site. Engineer and Architect Using Tablet Next to Surveyor. Portrait of group of professional telecommunication industry engineers smiles and looks at the camera . Workers wearing safety uniform and hard hat on unfocused background with sky and antennas . Inside of the Commercial / Industrial Building Construction Site: Professional Engineer Surveyor Takes Measures with Theodolite, Using Digital Tablet Computer Engineer and foreman using laptop computer check Container loading real time monitoring system from cargo freight ship for import export. Logistic, Transportation concept. Two factory workers walking and discussion with tablet pc. Industrial background Professional workers in overalls working with rock wool insulation material cutting in. Builders in protective uniform installing thermal insulation rock wool in walls Male worker types on a tablet, walking in a building, side view. Builders in uniform working on construction site. Foreman wareing face mask holding laptop computer talking on the walkie-talkie control loading Containers box at warehouse logistic in Cargo . during coronavirus pandemic or covid 19 outbreak Head of industrial plant  using thermometer to check body temperatures Before going to work  COVID-19 prevention policy Plumber with tools shaking client hand, technical maintenance, repair services Workers talk, standing on a sunset background, back view. Silhouette the group of workers working at a construction site.Construction workers work in preparation for binding rebar and concrete work Foreman Designer On Construction Site.Civil Engineer Developer With Helmet.Builder Constructor Foreman.Real Estate Building Project Architect.Civil Architect Builder On Construction Site With Helmet. African american man builder engineer worker in hard hat with use a walkie-talkie on construction helmet industrial site industry structure architecture inspector builder slow motion Workers at refinery as team discussing, industrial scene in background.
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