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Surat Thani/Thailand-April 30 2020:Like button, Love,react emotion icon animated with alpha channel. Social media icon Like Facebook.Social media icon symbol animation Set of Accent and Underline Elements. White Highlight Elements, Hand drawn circles, frames, dividers, arrows, dots, underlines, dots, curves. Doodle loop animation with Alpha channel. Large drop of ink for video transition Set of Paint Brush Transitions Reveal with Alpha Channel - Transparency. Transitions Disappears in the Same Direction as Appearing. Perfect for Motion Graphic, Slide Show, Fade, Matte, Reveal, Mask A set of hand drawn doodle frames, circles, scribble and elements to highlight text. Animated white design elements with alpha channel on a transparent background. Looped motion graphics. Paint Brush Transition Reveal with Alpha Channel - Transparency. Transition Disappears in the Same Direction as Appearing. Perfect for Motion Graphic, Slide Show, Fade, Matte, Reveal Realistic forest overlay for you videos with Alpha Channel. It also has wind animation for 0:06 seconds and seamlessly loops.

30 fps - Alpha Channel - Seamless looping - 1920x1080 Humpback Whale swimming and Passing beside The Camera, 4K footage with alpha channel (4096 x 2160 pixels)
also, this footage is 50FPS so you can slow it without any lack of frames Fire Flames Igniting And Burning - Slow Motion. A line of real flames ignite on a black background. Real fire. Transparent background. PNG + Alpha. Beautiful window freezing animation from borders to center, timelapse frost forming transition, natural crystal icing, isolated on black background with black and white luminance matte, alpha channel. Video transition ink mask filling Clouds of turbulent dust blowing in a strong wind across the frame from left to right against a transparent alpha channel background in a seamless loop. Technological HUD template. Frame HUD element. HUD viewfinder. Futuristic viewfinder of the future. HUD graphics around the edges for use in movies, games and animation. Alpha channel and 4K. Camera recording screen overlay with alpha channel. Dslr camera frame viewfinder, screen of video recorder digital display with multiple settings and timer. 4K camcorder interface for video cameras. Stop motion animation paper wrinkles making a paper ball, with luma matte / alpha channel Animation material of black concentrated line with alpha Soccer ball is slowly jumping on a white background and rolling onto the screen. 4k animation with alpha channel Fire element transition pack. 4k 2d Cartoon fire transitions with Luma matte Animation old destroyed film strip. White scratches and damage on a black background. Videos with smudges, dots, words, broken texture, cuts, dents. 4k with alpha channel. Hand drawing effect. Ink fills the frame from right to left. Fabric tearing transition. Peeling transitions with alpha. VFX
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