Freighter Stock Video Footage

Unloading Cargo Container Ship at Port Timelapse Ship's bow, moving through the waves to her destination. View from forecastle deck. Loading air cargo freighter inside aircraft Timelapse of istanbul city skyline cityscape starting at the sunset ending at night as seen from a window camera moving out the house A slow motion view of the wake behind a large cruise ship at sea. Shot at 48fps.  	Aerial View of Industrial port with containers ship Aerial view of Unloading Cargo Container Ship at Port with Futuristic 5G network and technology data communication, technology concept, Aerial shot  with artificial intelligence, digital network ISTANBUL - FEB 3, 2019: Bow and front deck of container ship on ride. Aerial frontal view as cargo ship ploughs through waters at sea. Half loaded vessel moves at calm water of Bosphorus shipway. Clos Time lapse of busy container terminal in shanghai at dusk
PORT OF FELIXSTOWE UK - CIRCA 2017: timelapse unloading containers of cargo ship Loading air cargo freighter inside aircraft - Zoom out Container,container ship in import export and business logistic,By crane ,Trade Port , Ship,cargo to harbor.Aerial view,Water transport,International,Shell Marine,transportation,logistic Large Container Ship at Sea, Aerial Top Down View
FPV CLOSE UP: Being overtaken by container semi truck driving along the multiple lane highway in US countryside. Freight semi-truck transporting goods, people on road trip traveling in sunny summer Hyperlapse Top view of international port with Crane loading containers in import export business logistics. Aerial cinematic 4k zoom in movement , Large container trucks entering with goods through the main entrance gate in the harbor 4K - To follow the cargo ship. Aerial view Aerial Timelapse of Container Ships Passing in the Sea
Business of air cargo freighter with import and export at twilight sky - Time lapse panning View of the Detroit skyline from Belle Isle on the Detroit river. Lake freighter passing by on a sunny summer day with blue sky. Aerial drone video of Michigan. Aerial video of downtown Vancouver BC in Canada.
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