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Close up portrait of attractive woman smiling brunette confident pretty Portrait of beautiful trendy african american woman smiling at camera looking confident running hand through hair enjoying urban city lifestyle real people series Fresh plump cherry tomatoes fall with water droplets on black background closeup in ultra slow motion with 4k Phantom Flex camera. Fresh dill dropped onto a plate of freshly cooked fish, rice, salad and tomato in soft focus, slow motion, in soft light. Closeup in 4k at 1000 fps on a Phantom Flex camera At the Supermarket: Man Pushing Shopping Cart Through Fresh Produce Section of the Store. Store with Many Customers Shopping. Following Back View Shot. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Chef adds salt to the dish, cooking in slow motion, falling liquid in 240 frames per second, cooking food Close up portrait of professional young muslim business woman looking at camera smiling happy wearing traditional headscarf in office background Crisp french fries dropping next to juicy cheeseburger on plate with sauce in ultra slow motion with 4k Phantom Flex camera 4K aerial view directly above a farmer monitoring his corn crop with a tablet Portrait of young and fresh brunette girl with big eyes looking at camera and smiles happily Falling water drops in super slow motion in 4K Germinating Seed Growing in Ground Agriculture Spring Summer Timelapse Freshly baked wood fired pizza being sliced and served with melty cheesy closeup ultra slow motion with 4k Phantom Flex camera A chef squeezes a half cut lemon over a plate of gourmet battered fish and chips in interior restaurant kitchen in soft light. Medium shot at 1000 fps in 4k on a Phantom Flex camera Pure blue water in the pool with light reflections. Slow motion. Growing Plants Timelapse Pea Sprouts Germination Network animation connected dots on white background. Seamless loop 4K Water Drop Flows Down on a Leaf, Beautiful realistic 3d animation. 4K Diverse happy friends eating italian pizza together, five african and caucasian young hungry students enjoying fast food meal sharing lunch during meeting sitting at cozy pizzeria restaurant table Ink in water. Slow Motion. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion. Attractive young woman choosing apple at fruit vegetable supermarket marketplace
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