Frightened Stock Video Footage

Little girl in white dress looking like a ghost carelessly running down the hallway of a haunted house - halloween costume party, horror movie 4k footage Caucasian girl in white sundress looking like a ghost scarily staring at camera, then grinning - halloween costume party 4k footage Portrait of tired female boxer standing on the boxing ring, looking intensely at the camera and screaming Four options of startled crows taking flight and flying away off-screen, with green background. Each flock differs in number of birds and how they fly away. Closeup of surprised excited young woman in t-shirt opening her mouth in amazement, shouting Wow, astonished by sudden shocking news, expressing disbelief. studio shot isolated on red background Animated horror collection with a frightened face, a monster from the dark and a suicidal hanged man. Animation in genre of horror with blur effects and camera shake. Black and white color background. Scared caucasian couple watches movie on couch and eats popcorn at home. They spill popcorn because of unexpected scene Time lapse of tornado warned supercell storm rolling through the Nebraska plains as it moves over the landscape as it changes shape. Little baby girl rolling on moving robot vacuum cleaner while cleaning home Man and woman watching tv with shocked expressions on their faces. Old CRT TV is on the floor in a dark and empty room. On the screen there is a frightening white noise filling the room with a hypnotizing atmosphere of mystical evil. Dolly camera movement Medium studio shot in slow motion of shocked Santa Claus pulling Christmas sack trying to take gifts away from somebody and finally smiling at camera and walking away with presents Time-lapse video of an intense rotating supercell thunderstorm, with impressive lightning strikes, dark skies and mesocyclone storm structure. Oh my god wow! Amazed excited  young woman afro hairstyle in hoodie raising hands in surprise looking at camera with big eyes, shocked by sudden victory. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background Portrait of upset sleepy little schoolgirl looking at camera with sadness and resentment in her eyes, lonely kid cute lady crying, wiping tear from her face with child hand, negative bad mood concept Stressed young man in glasses suffering from muscles tension, having painful head feelings due to computer overwork or sedentary working lifestyle. Tired employee overwhelmed with tasks in office. Frightened couple on a sofa late at night watching a scary horror film. Funny baby girl sitting on spinning robot vacuum cleaner while cleaning room Clouds moving in time lapse bringing dramatic storm as it moves over the plains. A frightened girl quickly runs away from a car following her along a country road at night. Silhouette of a running girl in the headlights of a car. The Mexican Day of the Dead. The portrait of young woman with frightening make-up for Halloween on the background of wooden wall. 4K
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