Frightening Stock Video Footage

Afraid girl Asian chinese japanese woman shocked bad news frightened korean lady in car parking underground open mouth feel horror terrified facial emotion looking at camera panic shock fear stress Frightened young woman covers mouth with palm in shock. Upset female holds head in hands and looks around with nervous expression on blue background Dog is hiding under the bed. Scared pet crawls under a bed at home, overhead shot Caucasian girl in white sundress looking like a ghost scarily staring at camera, then grinning - halloween costume party 4k footage A young bearded man is afraid of professional brushing his teeth and screams in horror while sitting in the dentist's chair A frightened girl quickly runs away from a car following her along a country road at night. Silhouette of a running girl in the headlights of a car. Desperate Poor Afraid Child Standing in The Middle of War Zone Deserted Demolished City Buildings Burning in the Background Close up footage of colobinae monkeys sitting on tree and eating food. Beautiful footage of colobinae monkeys. colobinae monkeys eating food at day time. Animals and wildlife concept Close-up of a frightened man screaming with fear. Horror scene Close-up portrait of scared man bulging eyes and covering mouth in fright reacting on horrible situation on home office apartment background in the evening Back view frightened Asian woman scared girl running in parking dark underground subway afraid stressful lady victim feel panic run from pursuit threat dangerous chase alone female walking look behind Afraid emotional girl brunette woman negative shocked frightened arabian young lady hold head with hands open mouth feel horror terrified facial emotion looking at camera panic confusion bad Frightened european man afraid of something and looks into camera with big eyes full of horror over blue wall background. Night terror. Sleep disorder. Bedtime mystery. Panic attack. Disturbed paranoid guy raised up in bed scared by nightmare of monster hand shadow on wall late at home in dark blue light. Horror scene with hand of unrecognisable person opening slowly door into the room with bright lighting, man entering into dark room for holding crime. High quality 4k footage Frightened african man, sees terrible and covers his face with his hands in horror. Close-up portrait of scared man bulging eyes reacting on horrible situation on home apartment background. Creepy Man Walks Into Bedroom At Night. Closeup of surprised astonished bearded guy in jeans shirt standing, staring at camera with amazement, keeping mouth open, shocked by unexpected news. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background Scared man office worker afraid boss looking at camera. Portrait caucasian handsome young adult 30s male person in white shirt indoors. Man is shocked and very frightened concept One Man Emotionally Frightened and Shocked by Seen. Concept Emotions and Human Fear. Face Man in Horror from Bad News. 30s Sad Guy Open Mouth Hold on to Head. Desperate Person in Sorrow and Depression Hispanic man scared businessman boss stands in city covering mouth with hands from shock fear blab out secret frightened face expression. Brunette guy makes gesture of shock amazed sign outdoors
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