Frustration Stock Video Footage

Loving sad old mother sympathizing consoling upset depressed young daughter crying desperate about problem, caring senior mom giving support understanding empathy to stressed adult woman in tears Woman horrified by mess left after party in her apartment, cleaning service. Housekeeper feeling shocked by room view after bachelor event, chaos and dirt washing, exhausted overworked wife, cleaner
The mother is cooking dish is spoiled by an infant in her arms in the kitchen. Burned porridge. Housewife multitasking at home. The man screams on a black background in low key, in slow motion, anger emotions Mad stressed african man holding cellphone annoyed with mobile app error spam message on slow stuck broken smartphone, angry black guy frustrated by phone problem having complaints on bad service Tired 40's woman holding her head and hair for depression, loss or fatigue due to menopause Friends watching sport game at stadium, disappointed with results of match Portrait of the handsome depressed ginger head man with beard sadly looking away and leaning on the window of bus. 4k. Young irritated woman trying to sleep annoyed by bad noisy room neighbors covering ears with pillow, angry girl student disturbed with loud noise problem wake up lying in bed suffer from insomnia Young Couple Quarrels in the Kitchen. Man and Woman Scream in Frustration and Angrily Gesticulate. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Tired frustrated business executive working late at night in the office, he is staring at the computer screen and receiving an error message Angry boss beats his fist on the table. Threat of violence. The boss shows aggression. Stressed senior middle aged businesswoman annoyed using stuck laptop, angry mature old lady mad about computer problem frustrated with data loss, online mistake, software error or system failure Afro-american teenager looks guilty, ashamed and frustrated, anxiety and stress Annoyed angry businessman troubled with sudden computer failure, stressed man having problem with broken pc using laptop, pressing keys on hanging device, leaving workplace unable to fix gadget Redhead woman annoyed making stop sign with hand, saying no, expressing defense or restriction Young man and woman having problems with documents, confused couple looking through papers sitting at home with laptop, checking unpaid bills, worried about overdue debt, searching legal help online Stressed unmotivated man confused by mistake in documents, looking through papers, frowning using laptop, failing urgent task, missing deadline, quits after bad work fed up with difficult job Lonely sad man looking for job online, unemployment and depression, problems. Desperate male searching information, life crisis frustration. Financial failure in internet games, bankruptcy troubles
A woman gets very angry and annoyed after receiving message on her portative computer. She lies on the bed home Mandrill (Mandrillux sphinx) facepalm
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