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Professional Ecology Engineer holding futuristic gadget cheching efficiency data of wind turbines on background. Future eco technology concept, augmented reality of industrial future development. 4K Electronics engineers collaborating on design of robot in dark lab Farmer uses a tablet computer on a soy field 4K Scientific research engineers working in lab with computer and 3D printer (UK-Oct 2016) Beautiful african woman IT engineer inspecting a secure server cabinet using modern technology laptop coworking with male technician in data center. Office employees in cubicles. Cartoon workers in a big office. They are working all day with no break. Seamles loop of the futuristic society. 4K Electronics engineers working in lab building and testing motherboards (UK-Oct 2016) Two security officers noticed a trespasser on a surveillance computer screen in a dark monitoring room. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). In the Near Future Male and Female Office Workers Discuss Graphical Statistic Shown on Transparent Computer Display. Beautiful People Talking. Interactive Charts on the Screen. Farmer uses a tablet computer on a soy field Clean room manufacturing of silicon wafers for the semiconductors industry Macro eyes web surfer and the office worker, insurance broker, workaholic, while working in the office evenings, control and security in the accesses, security, concept of internet web application. Electronics Engineer Works with Robot, Soldering Wires and Circuits. Computer Science Research Laboratory with Specialists Working. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. 4K Scientific research engineers working in lab with man building robotic arm (UK-Oct 2016) 4K Time lapse electronics engineers working on a prototype for automated robot 4K Technical engineer working on construction of automated robot in modern lab Electronics engineer working, scientist inventor on robot construction. slow-motion. modern robotic technologies. Futuristic robot concept. artificial intelligence, virtual, robot,  robots and human W2016120042 4K (UK-Oct 2016) Futuristic concept of engineer using hologram panel scanning farm land. Drone analyzes the field. Smart agriculture animation, internet of things. Industrial revolution. Future technology Living in a data matrix city.
City street scene overlaid with a matrix style grid of glowing numbers. Asian Scientist Sitting at His Desk Doing Sophisticated Coding and Programming on His Desktop Computer. In the Background Computer Science Research Laboratory with Robotic Arm Model. 4K UHD.
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