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Europe infected corona virus 2019 ncov. European man 4k. Face mask for covid-19. City street. Epidemic coronavirus. Pandemic flu corona virus. Human masked for 2019-ncov. Crowd people sick covid-19. Berlin, Germany. Aerial shot of TV Tower on Alexanderplatz Frankfurt/Main Skyline Aerial Drone Shot Erfurt, Germany – Mar. 23,2019: walking german sign slogan protest march demonstration against new copyright law β€œArtikel 13”. Protester got called bots by CDU. More than 100.000 protesters in Germany CIRCA 1940 - German soldiers march through the wreckage of a French city. Hitler looks over a map with Nazi officials. German Chickens eating grains on free range farm with green gras Hiker hiking in forest at sunset. hikers enjoying the awesome view at sunset in a beautiful german forest Schwarzwald landscape. Slow Motion Shot Of People's Feet Crossing A Street In Berlin In Summer. Berlin, Germany. Aerial shot of TV Tower on Alexanderplatz New Jersey, United State of America. About 1954. Albert Einstein talks about the theory of relativity. Aerial view. Cityscape of Berlin CIRCA 1943 - Adolf Hitler appeals to Germans in Czechoslovakia and internationally that they are part of the higher German race. Berlin, Germany. Aerial shot of TV Tower on Alexanderplatz Wallau, Germany - June 07, 2016: Aerial tracking shot of passing german high speed train (ICE) on the Frankfurt-Cologne line near Wallau, Germany. The maximum speed of these trains is around 320km/h 4K.Time lapse automatic train fast speed at Tokyo city of Japan asia is a famous place in Japan Asia Odaiba line Active Senior Man Drives Through Affluent Neighborhood With His Happy Dog In Sunny Florida - Shot On Red Scarlet-W Dragon In 4K/ Slow Motion Portrait of an aggressive purebred german shepherd outdoors. CIRCA 1944 - German artillerymen and an armored unit are successful in battle. An officer interrogates American POWs. BERLIN- GERMANY,,  Bundestag building by day. Red an white lighthouse on top of an s sand dunes in beautiful sunset light on the german holiday island sylt Shot of German flag. The international Commission at the round table. Participants of group of G20 applaud the representative of Germany
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